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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 60 - Disable the Geth Dreadnought

Rescue the Migrant Civilian Fleet by disabling the Geth Dreadnought in this walkthrough of Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Hologram: Shepard Commander, the creator fleet is firing upon this vessel. Without barriers, this ship will be destroyed. We must evacuate.

Commander: We need to get to the escape pods.

Radio: Geth transmitted intelligences via remote signal. We do not use escape pods.

Commander: Suggestions?

Radio: Geth fighters are docked on the port side fighter bay. We can fly a fighter to safety.

Commander: Shepard to fleet, hold fire! I repeat, hold fire.

Companion 1: They're not responding.

Shepard: Dammit!

Hologram: Shepard Commander, we are taking control of docking protocols.

Shepard: We'll be right there.

Hologram: Shepard Commander, we can only launch from the upper level.

Companion 1: Let's go.

Shepard: Double time, people!

Companion 1: We're losing the environmental fields!

Radio: Normandy to Shepard, we're reading a loss of gravity. Are you okay over there?

Shepard: Fine. We're leaving in a Geth fighter. Transmitting rendezvous coordinates.

Hologram: Does the storage compartment have adequate room, Shepard Commander?

Shepard: We're fine. Go!

Radio: Fly along the wings or something so I know which one is you.

Admiral: They fired on the Dreadnought while you were on board?

Shepard: I can't help them win this war if they're going to go off half-cocked like this.

Admiral: I know. Admiral Garrell's been causing trouble along the Turian border for years. But I can understand their desperation. We only lost Earth a few weeks back.

Shepard: We haven't lost Earth yet.

Admiral: We need help, Shepard. We need a fleet and the Quarians have the biggest one out there.

Shepard: I'll get it, Admiral.

Aran: Your unilateral strike endangered us all. I should charge you with treason.

Garrell: I was within my authority as admiral of the heavy fleet.

Aran: And what of Shepard? And Tali'Zorah?

Garrell: They escaped unharmed. Shepard, the mission parameters changed. You're military. You understand that.

Shepard: I understand that you ignored the plan and charged in without thinking.

Garrell: The Dreadnought was a perfect--

Shepard: Admiral, you jeopardized your mission and your people. Get the hell off my ship.

Aran: Shepard. I understand you're angry.

Shepard: If I didn't need your fleet...

Tali: He nearly got us killed, Aran.

Aran: You must understand. The Geth inflicted heavy casualties before he disabled the reaper signal.

Shepard: You said they have a planetary defense cannon?

Aran: Had. Admiral Koris sacrificed his own ship to destroy it. He crash-landed on the home world.

Shepard: Then Normandy can assist with rescue efforts.

Aran: Thank you commander. I think the worst is over. The Geth no longer possess the programming upgrades they had while enslaved by the reapers.

Hologram: Shepard Commander, we are prepared to offer assistance.

Aran: What the hell is this?

Shepard: Wait! Wait. Everybody calm down. It's a hologram reconstruction of some kind. Says it's on our side. Wants to fight the reapers.

Aran: This is a fascinating prototype. With some study, I may be able to use it to find a weakness in the Geth Consensus.

Shepard: Let's hold off for now. I don't want to jeopardize this thing's useful intel.

Aran: Understood, Commander.

Shepard: So you say you can help?

Hologram: Yes.

Aran: What can you tell us about the Geth? How will they react without reaper guidance?

Hologram: This is a false assumption. You have cut off long range control, but the old machines placed a base on Rannoch for short range direction.

Aran: The Geth still have reaper upgrades?

Hologram: Correct. They are currently disorganized but once the short range signal is in place they will recover.

Aran: Keylah! I need to warn the fleet. Then, coordinate with Garrell. Move!

Shepard: We need to take out the reaper base. Where is it located?

Hologram: Unknown.

Commander: Find it.

Hologram: Understood. We do know the location of a server from which Geth fighter squadrons are controlled. The squadrons are targeting Creator liveships. Disabling them will limit casualties. We offer assistance.

Shepard: Thanks.

Aran: The Geth recovered faster than we'd hoped. If it hadn't warned us, they could have wiped us out.

Shepard: I had hoped the Geth would be useful.

Aran: Indeed. I am still double-checking any data it provides on the reaper base, though. What do you need?

Shepard: I'd like to know about your patrol fleet.

Aran: In peace time, the patrol fleet managed navigation, internal security, and intership conflicts or crimes. Now, they mostly guard ahead of its flank. It's mostly light frigates, or fighters.

Shepard: Tell me about the civilian fleet.

Aran: Our civilian ships? Admiral Koris commands them. If he survived his crash landing on Rannock. In peace time, they made up the bulk of our fleet. Now, our strength would even give the Turians pause.

Shepard: Tali said you had the largest fleet in the galaxy.

Aran: The Turians have more Dreadnoughts. Their overall military force is larger than our heavy fleet by far. But before we began this war, we jerry-rigged every Quarian ship in the flotilla for battle. Even our liveships have cannons.

Shepard: Use what you got.

Aran: Indeed. With the modifications, our liveship cannons are comparable to the main guns on a Dreadnought.

Shepard: Impressive.

Aran: They lack the armor of a real Dreadnought. But they can back the heavy fleet formidably when needed.

Shepard: What can you tell me about Admiral Garrell's heavy fleet?

Aran: It was our main military force before the war, comprised of all Quarian vessels for sustained combat. It can't compare to the Turian forces of course, but we have a number of heavy frigates and advanced fighter forces.

Shepard: Which fleet does Admiral Zen command?

Aran: Special projects. It's not a fleet, per se, just a few research vessels. Her technical breakthroughs have put us within striking distance of the home world.

Shepard: You're not worried about her losing perspective, given her interest in the Geth?

Aran: If she can save our people, she can do whatever she wants.

Shepard: I'll let you get back to work.

Aran: Thank you Commander.

Tali: I haven't heard any news about that reaper base. Hopefully they'll give us a target soon.

Shepard: How did the war with the Geth get started anyway?

Tali: Admiral Zen developed a scanning countermeasure that interferes with Geth active scans. It's like a flashbang grenade. It effectively crippled the Geth ships in combat. My fleet couldn't pass up the chance to attack.

Shepard: Could we use it to fight the reapers?

Tali: It only works against the Geth, unfortunately. Their AI lets them use extremely detailed radar pings and Zen's countermeasure overwhelmed them with garbage data, and it's useless now that the reapers have upgraded their processing power.

Shepard: Talk to you later Tali.

Tali: If you want to catch up in private, call me up to your cabin.

Anderson: Shepard, I was hoping you'd check in again.

Shepard: You okay?

Anderson: Been putting my old academy training to use organizing the resistance. You know you've got quite a fan club back here. Any news we hear about the Normandy gives hope to the guys in the trenches.

Shepard: I'm glad it's having an effect, but so far hope hasn't been the thing winning this war. It's been blood, sweat and more blood.

Anderson: But a lot of these resistance fighters were just farmers and teachers a few weeks ago. When they heard that you managed to get the Turians and Krogans to cooperate, that was a shot in the arm, Shepard. It's the one thing we're in short supply around here. Faith. I doubt that any of us will live to see another day.

Shepard: How bad is it?

Anderson: It could be worse, but not much.

Shepard: Can you still coordinate any kind of counter attack?

Anderson: We're hitting the reapers every chance we get, mostly guerilla style hit and runs, but it's not enough. It's time we started focusing our efforts.

Shepard: Where?

Anderson: London. Something big is happening there. Our networks in the U.K. say the reapers have arrived in huge numbers.

Shepard: More reapers in one place just makes them easier to kill.

Anderson: Leave it to you to make a full scale reaper invasion sound like a good thing.

Shepard: I just want to end them. Forever.

Anderson: You and me both. Oh, and Shepard. I meant what I said earlier, about Kai Leng. The reapers may seem like our biggest threat, but take it from me, Leng is a vicious bastard. Don't underestimate him.

Shepard: Noted.

Anderson: Then I'll let you get back to it. We need whatever good news you can send our way. Anderson out.

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