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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 62 - Rannoch - Save the Admiral

Check out part 63 and go down to the Quarian homeworld, Rannoch, and save the Admiral in this walkthrough of Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Doran: You... You heard my message. Sent out a distress call.

Shepherd: Radios are down. You a soldier?

Doran: Maintenance. [inaudible 00:00:46]. I clean engine parts.

Shepherd: This place is filled with Geth. You should have hidden.

Doran: I thought I could buy the other civilians time. Fight some Geth. There were so many. First time I've even held a gun.

Shepherd: Can you tell me where Zaal'Koris is?

Doran: Looking for survivors. You can radio the admiral if you take that jamming tower offline.

Tali: We'll find him, Doran. I promise.

Doran: Please, listen. The civilian fleet didn't want this war. If there's even a chance that Admiral Koris can get us out alive, and my son. Tell him... Tell Jonah that his father made it to the home world.

Tali: We will. Rest well, Doran [inaudible 00:01:54].

Shepherd: Let's get to that tower.

EDI: Mounted turret. [inaudible 00:02:32].

Tali: On it! Let's look at the gun's console. We should be able to disable it. On it! Who should disable the gun, Shepherd?

Shepherd: I want you on this, Tali.

Tali: Right.

EDI: You should be able to operate a vacant Geth turret yourself, Shepherd.

Tali: More Geth! Give me more time. Done. This gun's offline.

Shepherd: Let's get the last one.

Tali: Geth! By the door! On it!

EDI: [inaudible 00:05:13]

Tali: Who should disable the gun, Shepherd?

Shepherd: I want you on this, Tali.

Tali: Right. Almost done. Done. This gun is offline.

Shepherd: I'll signal the shuttle.

Koris: Doran, it's Zaal'Koris. Are you there? Doran?

Shepherd: This is Commander Shepherd. Doran didn't make it out alive.

Koris: He didn't? I see.

Shepherd: I'm coming in with a shuttle. Where are you?

Koris: My surviving crew found their way to a clearing. I'll upload their location.

Shepherd: Stay together. We'll meet you there.

Koris: No. The Geth have cut me off. I hear another wave approaching.

Shepherd: How many?

Koris: It doesn't matter. Continue to my crew.

Shepherd: I've fought a lot of Geth to find you, Koris.

Koris: My people are non-combatant, Shepherd. They'll be slaughtered. Rescue them.

Shepherd: So your ship goes down and you give up? Your people are fighting for their lives up there.

Koris: My people are down here.

Shepherd: The entire Civilian fleet is depending on you. Who's going to look out for them? Admiral Gerrel? Xen?

Koris: I cannot abandon my crew.

Shepherd: We save dozens now or millions later. Your decision, Admiral.

Koris: Ancestors, forgive me. Uploading my coordinates.

Shepherd: We're coming.

Tali: There's the Admiral. We have to hurry!

Shepherd: I've got this. Clear! Go! Geth behind you! Get in cover! Clear! Go! Admiral, come on! Welcome aboard.

Koris: Shepherd, my crew. Perhaps there's still time. Hello? This is Zaal'Koris. Does anyone copy? Hello?

Shepherd: We've gotta go.

Koris: I pray they found comfort in their home world's skies.

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