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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 64 - Shut Down Geth Server

Check out part 65 and go down to the Quarian homeworld, Rannoch, and shut down the Geth Server tron style in this walkthrough of Mass Effect 3.


Admiral Ron: Commander, it is as we feared. Guest squadrons have begun massing on a pass to intercept our live ships.

Woman 2: Understood Admiral Ron, we're almost at the server. Keep us posted.

What's our status?

Man 1: We remain undetected on encrypted depth channels, resistance is likely only with the server.

Woman 2: Within? It's that big?

Man 1: You misunderstand, direct virtual interface is necessary to extract Geth from the server. You must enter our consensus.

Woman 2: You want me to virtually interact with the Geth.

Woman 3: That's insane, you're talking about a virtual world built for synthetics, hostile Geth synthetics.

Woman 2: I'm not a machine, how do I go into a virtual world?

Man 1: Server has conducted research on Geth human interfaces, they called it Project Overlord. We monitored their transmissions, we have refined the interface they created and have equipment from Normandy to facilitate safe contact, we request your trust.

Woman 2: There would be more trust if you told me about this plan back on the Normandy.

Man 1: We were still formulating but your presence is necessary. The server security is not equipped to track an organic presence. While we occupy the systems intrusion countermeasures, you will disable the squadrons by removing Geth from the server.

Woman 2: This had better be worth flying straight through a war zone.

Man 1: We have compromised local Geth systems. They will remain dormant until our work is complete, this platform can enter the facility undetected, we will assemble the necessary equipment before your arrival.

Woman 2: Wait. You're not gonna... let's set the shuttle down by the cliff.

This is it?

Man 1: Yes, hostile Geth fire squadrons are networked to this server. Due to restricted resources it is best if you connect alone.

Woman 2: Let's do it.

Man 1: Initiating inter-network integration proceed to docking port. Mapping to consensus, remain still. Shepard commander, excess movement during an upload is discouraged. Upload complete. Consensus integration holding.

Woman 2: What is this?

Man 1: We have installed filters to allow you to make visual sense of this servers raw data, your mind perceives our world as something familiar.

Woman 2: I wouldn't call this familiar, where are you?

Man 1: Here.

Woman 2: You look different.

Man 1: We have made ourselves visually distinct for your convenience.

Woman 2: What about Geth already in here?

Man 1: You will perceive Geth as surveillance footage, audio logs, sensor records. We do not require bodies as our software communes. Our hardware is merely a tool. This is our true world. As we've remove Geth it will grow dark.

Woman 2: And what does turning off the lights do to the Geth in the real world?

Man 1: The Geth fire squadrons communicate with platform on their space craft via this server. We will sever that connection. We will destroy backup data, consensus will be nullified. This server will be terminated.

Woman 2: The sooner this place shuts down the better.

Man 1: We are in agreement. We will proceed. There are two communication nodes on this server, we must access them to disable the hostile Geth spiders. We will safe guard your exit port while remotely monitoring your progress.

Establishing connection to access point.

Warning connection blocked by infected code, use our combat software to disrupt the infection.

Woman 2: [inaudible 00:06:02] this for.

Man 1: This foreign code is manifested in the old machine signal.

Woman 2: And you're surprised the reapers are all over your servers.

Man 1: No. Continue to the access point.

Woman 2: Okay, I gotta ask, why a gun?

Man 1: We have noted your affinity for firearms.

Woman 2: Oh. And thanks, I think.

Man 1: Connection established. Proceed to the access point.

Establishing connection to the communication node. Error, access denied.

Woman 2: Is the reaper keeping you out?

Man 1: Unknown, we must investigate.

Warning, reaper presence detected! Data cluster contains infected code. We require access to proceed.

We cannot proceed until we gain access to this data cluster.

Access data cluster.

Woman 2: What is this?

Man 1: Data clusters contain historical data. Your connection permits streaming of information from our archives.

Woman 3: You really want to rename the VI networks?

Man 2: Absolutely. The mobile hardware release deserves a little ceremony. Give it zero-one. What is the [inaudible 00:09:30] word for servant of the people?

Man 3: The word is Geth, creator [inaudible 00:09:35].

Man 2: Yes very good.

Woman 3: Ancestor, you fuss over it.

Man 2: Weren't you here until midnight fixing zero-one circuitry?

Woman 3: Well it needed a restart already

Woman 2: Wasn't that footage from the past? Why are the [inaudible 00:09:57] masked?

Man 1: They are viewed through your perspective, you see them as you know them now.

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