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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 66 - Shut Down Geth Server

Go down to the Quarian homeworld, Rannoch, and shut down the Geth Server tron style in this walkthrough of Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Computer Voice 1: [Inaudible 00:00:02]

Computer Voice 2: The Creators never properly [inaudible 00:00:07] possibility. They have officially been at war with Geth for 291 years.

Accessing data. This is data from the end of warfare on [inaudible 00:01:04]

Man 1: The [inaudible 00:01:05] is down. Do not engage the Geth. I repeat. Avoid contact.

Woman 1: Geth pursuit is breaking off at 100 [inaudible 00:01:12] past [inaudible 00:01:13]. All captains fall back to the mass relay.

Commander Shepard: This isn't happening now?

Computer Voice2: It is time stamped 290 years ago. It is the creator Exodus at the end of the Morning War. We have secured freedom. The creators were no longer a threat, so we abandoned pursuit

Commander Shepard: Wait, the Geth spared the last Quarians? You let them go?

Computer Voice 2: Our future was uncertain. Our networking was primitive. We stayed within our limits.

Connection was eliminating serviceability established. We are [00:01:54].

Woman 2: Something is happening to the Geth. Their fighting squadrons have stopped. But it takes no more active programs inside the ships. Admiral Xen girls' fleet is driving them back. The live ships are safe, Commander.

Computer Voice 2: Root access acquired. Severing all connections to this communication node. Geth no longer resides on this server. We may now activate senses.

Commander Shepard: What's wrong?

Computer Voice 2: You must put, you must put [00:02:47] Disconnect from a [inaudible 00:02:50]

Terminating remote access. Removing programs. Deleting archives.

Woman 3: Shepard. How do you feel?

Commander Shepard: Did it work?

Admiral Xen: Geth fighters have been disabled. Any remaining squadrons attacking the live ships have withdrawn. The server is offline.

Commander Shepard: Are you sure? What's happening?

Computer Voice 2: we have transferred Geth programs from the server into these platforms.

Commander Shepard: Why?

Computer Voice 2: They wish to join us.

Woman 3: They what?

Computer Voice 2: While Shepard commander removed the root infection, we judged we could persuade hostile Geth programs to reunite with ours. We were correct. These Geth have renounced the old machines and will oppose the rebirth. They are now us.

Commander Shepard: Why didn't you tell me any of this?

Computer Voice 2: Organic sympathies lies with other organics. We feared your allies. The Creators' actions have placed their species in danger, but they are unsympathetic to what is done to ours. The Quarians sanctioned this operation to save their people. They would not have done so, if they knew we wished to preserve Geth as well.

Commander Shepard: I was an idiot to think you'd told me everything.

Computer Voice 2: We did not compromise the mission. Saving Creator life ships remained a priority.

Commander Shepard: Council's useless, the Krogan almost didn't almost fight. The Quarians started a war.

Computer Voice 2: We do not understand.

Commander Shepard: How the hell do we beat the reapers if everyone is exploiting this crisis? How much damage could your stunt have done if it went wrong? Don't even answer. Let's go.

Admiral Xen: Impressive, Commander. The Geth squadrons attacking our life ships have been completely neutralized. If there is any chance we can duplicate the feat, I would be happy to lend my expertise.

Commander Shepard: You'd have to ask the Geth we found, if you're looking for other servers.

Admiral Xen: I thought as much, but your Geth claims to have no data available whenever I inquire. Perhaps you can help me with something else.

Commander Shepard: What's that?

Admiral Xen: How did you get Geth primes to work with you?

Commander Shepard: That was also the Geth from the Dreadnought.

Admiral Xen: Of course. If you would care to help me examine these Geth to verify their trustworthiness, I will gladly make time. Thank you again for your services, Commander. Admiral Xen out.

Be more valuable running salvage on the Dreadnought.

Tali: We're not letting people in life pods die just so you could rummage through Geth debris

Admiral Xen: You yourself said the life signs are weak. They might already be dead.

Tali: It's not your call to make.

Admiral Xen: Well as an Admiral, I believe it is, exiled Zorah.

Tali: Xen, we need those ships to reco...

Commander Shepard: Tali, Xen's right. We need every edge we can get right now.

Tali: Dammit. Okay. Xen, get the ships back as fast as you can.

Xen: I'm on it.

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