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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 67 - Destroy the Reaper Base

Check out part 68 and go down to the Quarian homeworld, Rannoch, and destroy the Reaper Base in this walkthrough of Mass Effect 3.


Shepard: The sinking laser needs a line of sight. What's the fastest route?

Robot: The upper entrance. Target the base before the Geth can organize resistance.

Shepard: What about you?

Robot: We will deactivate defense systems and acquire an escape vehicle.

Shepard: You can do that?

Robot: This unit still carries remnants of the old machine upgrade code. We can break any Geth security. You are concerned.

Shepard: Hell yes, I'm concerned. You're still hooked up to the Reapers.

Robot: No. We simply carry code upgrades that make us more effective, more intelligent.

Shepard: But you lied. You lied about rescuing those Geth on the server, and you're lying again now. Damn it. When are you going to trust me?

Robot: When this war ends without the Geth being destroyed.

Shepard: Yeah.

Robot: Proceed to the upper entrance. We will exit here and procure an escape vehicle.

Shepard: Got it.

Tali: I can't believe it. I don't think it's really sunk in yet, the home world, my world. Look at the sky and the rock formations. They used to write poems about them.

Shepard: Stay sharp. It's not your world yet.

Tali: Yes it is. It's tied to us. Our whole culture has been built around this place. You've heard me say, keelah se'lai? The best translation I can come up with is "by the home world I hope to see someday."

Shepard: Looks like you're seeing it today.

Tali: The living room window will be right here.

Shepard: Something I should know?

Tali: I just claimed the land. I know it doesn't mean much, but when this is over, I'll have a home.

Shepard: Quarians spent centuries as nomads. You think you can go back to living in one place?

Tali: We have gotten used to carrying our homes around with us. Well, that's a start. On it!

Trainer: Geth jamming towers are interfering with your signal, Commander. I'm compensating to keep you patched in.

Shepard: Good work, trainer.

EDI: At once. At once.

Tali: On it! Great! Under foot!

EDI: Yes. I will. Geth.

Robot: Shepard Commander, you must climb to the upper level before Geth units can fortify their positions.

Shepard: We're on our way.

Gerrel: Admiral Gerrel here. The heavy fleet has a clear path. Fall forward.

Woman: Geth fighter presence is negligible. Patrol fleet, break cover and engage.

EDI: Right! I will.

Tali: On it!

EDI: At once.

Tali: Understood!

EDI: Right! Got it.

Tali: Right!

EDI: Affirmative.

Tali: Got it! Come on! We need to get inside before they send reinforcements! On it! Got it!

EDI: I will. Doing it now. I will.

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