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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 68 - Destroy the Reaper Base

Check out part 69 and go down to the Quarian homeworld, Rannoch, and destroy the Reaper Base in this walkthrough of Mass Effect 3.


Geth VI: Shepard, Commander; hostile Geth are closing a blast shield over the base.

EDI: The Normandy main battery requires several hours. Geth reinforcements coming in, from above. Understood.

Tali: Understood. Watch out! Crossfire on the left side balcony.

Shepard: Affirmative.

Tali: Got it. On it. Right.

Geth VI: Shepard, Commander; do you need assistance?

Shepard: We'll get through. What's your status?

Geth VI: The old machine system upgrades have enabled us to corrupt security routines. We are slowing down.

Shepard: Keep it up. We'll get to the blast shield controls.

EDI: The reaper upgrades are very effective.

Tali: That thing has it's own agenda. I don't trust it.

Shepard: We need it right now. Afterwards, we'll see.

Admiral Gell: Admiral Gell, to all ships; we've got Geth frigates inbound on the civilian fleet.

Man: [inaudible 00:03:02] here, civilian defenders on intercept course. We'll hold them, Gell.

EDI: I will.

Shepard: All right, I've hit the override.

Geth VI: We have gained system access and are bypassing security. Stand by.

EDI: Understood.

Tali: Right. Right. Understood.

EDI: Understood.

Tali: Understood.

EDI: Right.

Geth VI: We have bypassed security, but disabling the blast shield requires manual input. We have enabled a console near your position. Shepard, Commander; you have successfully opened the blast shield doors.

Shepard: Good, we'll be back out in a minute.

Geth VI: Negative. The path behind you has been sealed. A nearby elevator can take you to the upper level. From there, you should have an acceptable line of sight for targeting.

Tali: On it.

EDI: Understood.

Tali: Got it. Got it. Understood.

Geth VI: We have sent you the map point with a new targeting location.

Woman: [inaudible 00:07:33], to all ships; the [inaudible 00:07:36] fleet has broken the Geth flank. Permission to pursue.

Admiral Gell: Granted. Good hunting, [inaudible 00:07:43].

Tali: Geth Prime. I guess they really don't want us up here. Got it. Right.

EDI: Doing it now.

Geth VI: Shepard, Commander; we detect no more Geth in your immediate area. Reinforcements are minutes away.

Shepard: You getting anything from the base?

Geth VI: No. The old machines have not registered us as a threat. We recommend haste. The Creator fleet will be overrun, unless you sever the Geth connection to the old machines soon.

Tali: This battle was centuries in the making. Finally it will end.

EDI: And what comes next, Shepard, once the Geth are disconnected?

Shepard: First things first.

EDI: Normandy's weapon systems are ready to sync to your target. I recommend you withdraw to a safe distance. Target locked.

Shepard: Reaper!

Geth VI: We have located transportation.

Shepard: Copy that. Everybody get to the ship. Move!

Tali: [inaudible 00:10:15], it's huge.

Shepard: Go!

Tali: How are we supposed to fight that thing?

Shepard: I was hoping your fleet might let us know.

Geth VI: We will attempt evasive maneuvers.

Shepard: Shepard to [inaudible 00:10:51] a live reaper. I need a [inaudible 00:10:55] strike. We're clear, fire at will!

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