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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 69 - Destroy the Reaper Base

Go down to the Quarian homeworld, Rannoch, and destroy the Reaper Base in this walkthrough of Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Quarian Admiral: What did we hit?

Shepard: The firing chamber. Looks like a weak point when it's priming.

Quarian Admiral: Tie it. The jamming towers have us targeting manually, we can't make a precision shot.

Geth VI: We may escape before it recovers.

Shepard: No, pull over.

Geth VI: Shepard, Commander...

Shepard: If we run away, the Geth stand to Reaper control and the Quarians are dead. This ends now. EDI, patch the Quarian's to the Normandy's weapons system. I want the targeting razors synched up to the whole damn fleet.

EDI: Understood.

Shepard: Stay and cover, I'll finish this thing off. Shepard to fleet; I'll pave the weak spot. Link up with the Normandy and be ready to fire.

EDI: The destroyer is in range. Missiles are ready for launch.

Quarian Admiral: Shepard, we need a target.

EDI: The destroyer in in range. Missiles are ready for launch.

Quarian Admiral: Shepard, we need a target.

Reaper: Shepard?

Shepard: You know who I am?

Reaper: Harbinger speaks of you. You resist, but you will fail. The cycle must continue.

Shepard: What are you talking about? We stopped Sovereign and the Geth. We stopped Harbinger and the Collectors. We've earned a straight answer.

Reaper: It is not a thing you can comprehend.

Shepard: We might surprise you.

Reaper: You represent chaos, we represent order. Every organic civilization must be harvested in order to bring order to the chaos. It is inevitable. Without our intervention, organics are doomed. We are your salvation.

Shepard: You're killing everyone in the galaxy to save us?

Reaper: The cycle must continue. There is no alternative.

Shepard: Organics and synthetics don't have to destroy each other.

Reaper: The battle for Rannoch disproves your assumption. Finish your war. We will be waiting.

Tali: We did it. We killed a reaper. [inaudible 00:05:46].

Geth VI: We can confirm that the Geth are no longer being directed by the old machines. We are free.

Quarian Admiral: You did it, Shepard. The Geth fleet has stopped firing. They are completely vulnerable.

Geth VI: Shepard, Commander; the Geth only acted in defense, after the Creators attacked. Do we deserve death?

Shepard: What are you suggesting?

Geth VI: Our upgrades. With the old machine dead, we could upload them to all Geth, without sacrificing their independence.

Tali: You want to upload the Reaper code? That would make the Geth as smart as when the Reaper was controlling them.

Geth VI: Yes, but with free will, each Geth unit would be a true intelligence. We would be alive and we could help you.

Tali: Our fleet is already attacking. Uploading the code would destroy us. Shepard, you can't chose the Geth over my people.

Geth VI: Why not? Our fleet is massive. We can support Shepard's fight against the old machines, if the Creators no longer threaten us.

Shepard: No, I can't risk the Quarian fleet. Not to save the Geth.

Geth VI: Shepard...

Speaker 4: They are trying to flee. Stay on them.

Geth VI: With these upgrades, our fleet could retake earth. We could assist with the Crucible. Please, this is not justice.

Shepard: I'm sorry.

Geth VI: We were correct to distrust organics. Uploading the code.

Tali: I knew that thing would turn on us.

Quarian: Admiral, the Geth defense line is broken.

Quarian Admiral: All ships, finish them off.

Quarian Admiral 2: We'll start repairing our fleet immediately, Commander. We can also offer technical specialists, to assist with the Crucible.

Shepard: Thank you, Admirals.

Quarian Admiral 2: I believe Tali would like to say goodbye, as well.

Shepard: Shopping for another house?

Tali: Beach-front property.

Shepard: Claim it fast, it's a buyer's market. You okay? I thought you'd be happy. After all this, you can finally...

Tali: I'm not staying. I'm coming with you.

Shepard: I thought your people needed you?

Tali: The fighting's over. We don't need admirals, we need architects. My people need me out there. Sooner or later, the Reapers will come for Rannoch.

Shepard: We did just kill one of them.

Tali: So, I'm coming with you to stop them. If you think I can help.

Shepard: You can help.

Tali: Thanks. When this is all over, when I know my world is safe, then I can come home. It is beautiful though, isn't it?

Shepard: Yeah, it is.

Tali: It'll be years before we can live without our suits completely. But right now...right now, I have this.

Councilor: Commander Shepard, I understand you are bringing a new fleet in to this war.

Shepard: Yes, Councilor. The Quarians are already mobilized for relief efforts and their techs are helping with construction in the Crucible.

Councilor: It's ironic, the Quarians have been galactic vagrants for centuries. That they should be so vital matter. I have information for you, vital to the war effort. I prefer to share it in person.

Shepard: What if I come to the Citadel?

Councilor: That would be preferable, Commander. Meet me in Councilor Udinas office.

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