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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 70 - Thessia - Asari Temple

Check out part 71 and go down to the Asari homeworld, Thessia, and investigate the Asari Temple in this walkthrough of Mass Effect 3.


Commander Shepard: I want all remaining files secured and marked for Tentron clearance only.

Liara: Commander Shepard!

Commander Shepard: Have you found something?

Liara: We're continuing our investigation into Councilor Udina's activities. It's still not clear how he managed the coup attempt. However, I need to speak with you on another matter. Matters have taken a serious turn for the Asari republics. We understand your Crucible is still missing an important component, the Catalyst, I believe you call it?

Commander Shepard: Do you know where it is?

Liara: Unfortunately, no, but we do have an artifact on our home world, Thessia, classified at the highest levels.

Commander Shepard: What is it?

Liara: Suffice it to say it may help you identify the Catalyst. The artifact is in a temple located at these coordinates. A scientific team there will provide assistance.

Commander Shepard: If this artifact is so important, why keep it hidden?

Liara: Even our allies can have their own agenda. A balance of power exists in the galaxy that we don't wish to upset.

Commander Shepard: The Reapers are doing that right now.

Liara: And that's why I'm sharing this with you.

Commander Shepard: Why the sudden cooperation?

Liara: Events have forced our hand. The home world has never been threatened before. Thessia has always been an oasis and a galaxy full of turmoil. The Reapers are about to change that.

Commander Shepard: I'll do what I can.

Liara: More lives depend on you than any soul should have to bear. You have my prayers.

Joker: Thessia's under heavy Reaper attack! There's activity across most of the planet!

Commander Shepard: What about the temple? Can you raise the scientists?

Joker: Negative. All channels are scrambled across the spectrum. The mission's looking really dicey.

Commander Shepard: This is too important. It's now or never!

Liara: Shepard, that's my home down there. I have to go!

Commander Shepard: Then get to the shuttle, and let's do this. Liara, do you have anything more on this artifact?

Liara: These coordinates the Councilor gave you are for the Temple of Athena. My mother took me there once. It's several thousand years old, and for some reason, it has classified government funding.

Commander Shepard: Sounds like we're on the right trail.

Liara: What if we're too late? My people are dying down there.

Commander Shepard: Benezia took you to this temple?

Liara: I was just a child. I thought it was a history lesson, but now, maybe there was more to it.

Commander Shepard: What do you mean?

Liara: I went digging through her old files. She had heavily encrypted records on this place, some dating back centuries. I still can't crack most of them. Whatever's going on, it's well hidden.

EDI: I understand from past records that your mother was indoctrinated by the Reapers.

Liara: And this brings all those memories back. What if Thessia faces the same fate?

Commander Shepard: I know it's difficult, Liara, but you can't think about it. You can spend all day counting casualties. Focus on getting what we need to finish the Crucible.

Liara: I'm sorry. I can't be that callous about my own people.

EDI: Your emotion is understandable, but it will drain your energy to fight.

Joker: Hey, buckle up! This one's gonna be tight!

Liara: This can't be happening! My home . . .

EDI: I'm concerned we're vulnerable up here!

Commander Shepard: Let's get down.

Lieutenant Kurin: You must be Commander Shepard! Lieutenant, Outpost Tykis . . . Commander, we heard . . . The barrier's been breached! Commander, we'll talk later! Get on that gun up there and do some damage!

Female Combatant 1: Somebody better get on that gun!

Lieutenant Kurin: The gun over there, put it to use! Enemy targets on the bridge! There are some [inaudible 00:05:14] Hold them back! More on the way! Keep firing! Enemy targets on the bridge! Hold them back! I want that gun ship prepped and in the air! Plug that hole!

Female Combatant 2: We're on it!

Lieutenant Kurin: Someone get me a location on our snipers!

Female Combatant 3: Yes, ma'am!

Lieutenant Kurin: Commander, I'm Lieutenant Kurin. We've been told to expect you. My orders are to hold this grid at all costs. Shore up the barrier! But our perimeter is collapsing, and I'm getting my people out of here.

Commander Shepard: This is important. We need your help.

Lieutenant Kurin: Well, unless you can give me a good reason to stay, we're not dying for a field of rubble.

Commander Shepard: What exactly were you told about me?

Lieutenant Kurin: Nothing but your name. Mission details were classified, which just means we'll die without knowing why.

Commander Shepard: This comes from the highest levels of your government. They can't risk a leak.

Lieutenant Kurin: Standing here dying three at a time is risky, too. Care to give us a reason?

Commander Shepard: It's too complicated. I need to get into the temple, and you're gonna help me do it.

Lieutenant Kurin: You're too late. One of our outposts lost contact with the scientists over there.

Commander Shepard: I still need to reach them.

Lieutenant Kurin: Get that gun ship moving, now! I'm not sacrificing my people just because some human I've never met should! I don't know you, but I do know if I don't pull my people out, they're all dead!

Liara: Wait! If we don't get to that temple, Lieutenant, this will be the last you ever see of Thessia. You're witnessing the extinction of our entire race! This is the end.

Lieutenant Kurin: And you really think you can stop all that from happening?

Commander Shepard: I've already taken two Reapers out on Tuchanka and Rannoch. I know how to do this.

Lieutenant Kurin: And what about all the other Reapers still out there?

Commander Shepard: We have to start somewhere.

Lieutenant Kurin: You better know what you're doing. This is Lieutenant Kurin. Hold your positions. I want a path carved to the temple. Outpost Tykis, we've got people coming your way! Let's make sure the galaxy knows the war was won on Thessia! Make it count. I was here years ago. Seeing a city burning like this is . . .

Commander Shepard: It can be rebuilt. Just worry about the next 20 meters. Watch it!

Liara: This has to end!

EDI: Anger can provide you strength. Organics are fortunate in this regard.

Commander Shepard: Here they come.

Lieutenant Kurin: Staggered approach! Try to use cover!

EDI: Enemy neutralized!

Lieutenant Kurin: Then move! Get off the bridge!

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