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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 72 - Thessia - Asari Temple

Check out part 73 and go down to the Asari homeworld, Thessia, and investigate the Asari Temple in this walkthrough of Mass Effect 3.


Shepard: Move. Now's our chance

Soldier: Watch out. More hostiles ahead. Careful, more hostiles are headed this way.

Shepard: Bogie incoming. Hang tight while I shake him.

Keep your head down and give them everything you've got.

Soldier: You're almost there Commander. Keep it up.

I'm in trouble. My shields are too damaged.

I'm going down. [inaudible 00:02:09] Repeat. Aaaaahhhhh!

Dr. T'soni: So much sacrifice. We have to make it worth something.

Shepard: Looks like we're in the clear. Lets get inside.

Dr. T'soni: Let me take a look. It's military-grade encryption. I think I can overwrite it.

EDI: Unusual for a religious structure.

Dr. T'soni: Especially since few still follow the Athame Doctrine.

Shepard: Hello? Is anyone there?

EDI: One would expect the scientists to be here.

Shepard: Take a look around. Maybe one of these artifacts is what we're looking for. I'm guessing these are the scientists. What are we looking at here?

Dr. T'soni: A primitive rendition of the Goddess Athame. She's speaking to to her ancient Asari followers. But it doesn't get us anywhere. I don't think this is the artifact.

Shepard: Could this be the artifact?

Dr. T'soni: I don't think so. That's a sculpture of Lucien. One of Athame's servants who walked among my ancestors bestowing knowledge. If there's anything special about it, I can't tell.

EDI: I find it odd that if the Reapers killed the scientists, the security barrier was still active.

Dr. T'soni: Doesn't look useful. That's Janiri, Athame's guide who brought enlightenment to Thessia long ago. I see nothing out of the ordinary about it.

Shepard: What do you know about this?

Dr. T'soni: A page from one of our earliest religious texts, the Athame Codex. It's not what we need. It describes how Athame's guide, Janiri, gave my people seeds. He taught them the seasons so that they could grow crops.

EDI: Secrecy is understandable, but your government may have gone too far in this instance.

Dr. T'soni: It's the Goddess Athame again.

EDI: Their throats have incisions.

Dr. T'soni: They've been slit. The Reapers didn't do this. We're going to have to figure this out on our own.

Commander Shepard: Who's that supposed to be?

Dr. T'soni: It's Athame. Her image became more like ours over time.

EDI: Curious, considering no one practices the doctrine any more.

Dr. T'soni: I admit this does seem rather elaborate, even by our standards, though Athame does have great historical significance. We once believed our gods were separate from the world looking down on us. There was a universal energy.

Shepard: There's a Prothean beacon here.

Dr. T'soni: What? You're sure?

Shepard: It's not something you forget.

Dr. T'soni: But why hide it?

EDI: I would suggest your government is covertly contracting data from it. Consider the wealth of information we receive from the beacon on Mars.

Dr. T'soni: That can't be. I can't believe my people would keep this a secret.

Commander Shepard: A beacon like this can explain why Arsari is so advanced.

EDI. Your research did indicate that this temple is several millennia old, Dr. T'Soni. That would provide ample time to learn its secrets.

Dr. T'soni: That doesn't make it true.

EDI: Even just a few technological advances would give your species an edge over others, which history would seem to support.

Shepard: If the wrong people had gotten their hands on this, who knows what could have happened.

Dr. T'soni: If it is true, I'd like to think my government was at least careful about it.

Shepard: Maybe too careful. No one is left to tell us how this works.

EDI: The few records I can access talk about tapping into Prothean data streams, reconstructing matrices. None of which I see here.

Shepard: Maybe that's the point.

Dr. T'soni: By the Goddess, literary.

Shepard: Look around there must be more of these connections.

EDI: Incredible. The beacon seems to think you're Prothean, Shepard. It must be the cipher you got back on Pharos years ago.

Shepard: Don't remind me.

EDI: It seems that each connection provides more power. The beacon seems to be powering its life loop. It's likely...

Dr. T'soni: This doesn't appear to be a connection. We should keep searching.

EDI: It would appear the outcome of the entire war comes down to solving this problem.

Shepard: I'd say that one counts.

EDI: The sequence is still incomplete. This confirms the notion your people owe their advancement to the Protheans, Dr. T'soni.

Dr. T'soni: Our whole civilization. None of it's what I thought.

Shepard: That did it. I think we can access the beacon now.

Dr. T'soni: We need to hurry. This place isn't going to last very long.

Vendetta: Obtaining chronological marker. Hold. Timescale established. Post Prothean Cycle confirmed.

Shepard: What are you?

Vendetta: Reaper presence detected. This galactic cycle had already reached it extinction terminus. Systems shutting down.

EDI: Delay that.

Shepard: We need answers.

Vendetta: To what question?

Shepard: The catalyst, we need to know what it is to finish the Crucible.

Dr. T'soni: Is that a Prothean?

Vendetta: I am a memory of one. I am called Vendetta, an advanced virtual construct of Pashek Vran, overseer of the project you refer to as Crucible. He died fighting the Reapers in the battle of Tranbir 9. Your remaining time is also at an end.

EDI: Protheans were not a very optimistic species.

Commander Shepard: What happened to the Crucible in your time? Why didn't the Protheans deploy it?

Vendetta: We were sabotaged from within. A splinter group argued we should dominate the Reapers rather than destroy them. It fractured our order of battle. Later we discovered the Separatists were indoctrinated.

EDI: We are experiencing a similar conflict.

Vendetta: [inaudible 00:09:11] of past ages led us to believe that time is cyclical. Many patterns repeat.

Shepard: Like the Reaper attacks.

Vendetta: And beyond. The same peaks of evolution. The same valleys of dissolution. The same conflicts are expressed in every cycle but in a different manner. The repetition is too prevalent to be merely chance.

Dr. T'soni: We assumed the Reapers were responsible for the pattern.

Vendetta: Perhaps, though I believe the Reapers are only servants of the pattern. They are not its master.

Shepard: So who is the master?

Vendetta: Unknown. Its presence is inferred rather than observed. The only certainty is its intention, galactic annihilation. You now stand at that precipice.

Shepard: We haven't been annihilated yet. We're fighting the Reapers right now.

Vendetta: As does every cycle. Resistance is not enough. Conventional means will not defeat the Reapers.

Shepard: We already know that. That's why we're building the Crucible. We found your plans.

Vendetta: The Crucible is not a Prothean Design. It is the work of [inaudible 00:10:10] that goes stretching back millions of years. Each cycle adds to it. Each improves upon it. Thus far none have successfully defeated the Reapers.

Shepard: I know a thing or two about killing Reapers. Just tell us what the catalyst is.

Vendetta: Confidence alone will not defeat the Reapers. Though I deem your odds of success remote, I will not hinder you.

Shepard: Then give us what we need to know.

Vendetta: Very well, if you will follow the plans for the Crucible, I will interface with your systems and assist with the catalyst too. Indoctrinated presence detected. Activating security protocol.

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