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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 73 - Thessia - Asari Temple

Go down to the Asari homeworld, Thessia, and investigate the Asari Temple in this walkthrough of Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Robot: Indoctrinated presence detected. Activating security protocol.

Shepard: You. You killed the scientists. What do you want?

Kai Leng: Your attention. Someone would like to talk with you.

Illusive Man: Shepard.

Shepard: How did you find this place?

Illusive Man: The archives, or did your Prothean expert miss that one?

Liara: Show yourself. I promise, I won't miss.

Illusive Man: Stick to your talents, Doctor T'Soni. You've helped uncover the key to subjugating the Reapers.

Shepard: Or destroying them.

Illusive Man: Damn it, Shepard! Destroying the Reapers gains us nothing.

Shepard: How about peace?

Illusive Man: They're just trying to control us. Think about it. If they wanted all organic life destroyed, they could do it. There would be nothing left.

Shepard: What the hell are you talking about?

Illusive Man: I know them Shepard. I know how they think.

Shepard: I think you've gotten a little too close to the enemy.

Illusive Man: No. I'm saying they've got it right. Why kill when you can control?

Shepard: I might have believed you once, but you've gone too far.

Illusive Man: Shepard you're out of your depth. There are choices coming that you're not equipped to make.

Shepard: I'm finishing the Crucible and I'm sending the Reapers back to Hell.

Illusive Man: I can't let you do that. Lang, the Commander has something I need. Please relieve her of it, and then bring me the data.

Kai Leng: Understood. You're slower than I imagined, Shepard. I've been hit! Cover me while I recharge!

Soldier: Copy!

EDI: Gunship approaching!

Liara: Get to cover!

Kai Leng: I've got this! The Salarian councilor died because you failed.

EDI: This organic must now die.

Kai Leng: Finally, a real fight. I need to recharge! Cover me!

Soldier: Affirmative.

EDI: At once.

Kai Leng: Shepard is mine now. You had your partner, Shepard. It's a pity the good ones never left. There's only one way this ends. Target the supports. Cerberus thanks you for all your hard work.

Liara: Shepard! Hang on.

Kurin: Anyone on this frequency? This is Lieutenant Kurin. My squad is trapped!

Shepard: This is Shepard. Give us your location.

Kurin: I repeat, is anyone on this frequency?

Shepard: We read you. Give me your...

Kurin: The Lieutenant's down. Our whole zone is collapsing. What happened to Shepard? Did they make it to the temple? I saw them, wait, I've got a Reaper inbound.

Soldier: Please, is anybody there? Oh Goddess, no!

Councilor: Commander Shepard, are you there? Commander?

Shepard: Councilor, the mission...

Councilor: Contact with Thessia has been cut off. When will the Crucible be ready to use?

Shepard: Councilor, I wish the news was better. We didn't get the information.

Councilor: Why not?

Shepard: Cerberus was there. We were defeated. We don't know how to finish the Crucible.

Councilor: I don't know what to say. What was the situation on Thessia?

Shepard: Deteriorating fast. The Reapers are there in strength.

Councilor: Then I should be going. Plans must be put in motion. Continuity of civilization has to be considered. I never imagined this day would come.

Shepard: None of us did. I'm sorry.

EDI: Asari forces are in full retreat. It is no longer safe for us to remain in this system.

Shepard: Get us out of here.

Liara: Shepard, I... Nobody could have predicted Cerberus would reach Thessia before us.

Shepard: To Hell with predictions. Thessia's lost and that's on me, as is the data on the Catalyst. I'm sick of Cerberus beating us to the punch.

James: Let's kick them in the balls for a change.

Shepard: I'm with James. Anyone know where they're hiding? Anyone?

Traynor: Well, there is something.

Shepard: Let's hear it, Traynor.

Traynor: I was able to track Kai Leng's shuttle through the relay and extrapolate his destination. But the signal disappeared in the Iera system.

Shepard: Naturally.

Traynor: It's not just gone, though. The signal is being actively blocked.

Shepard: How?

Traynor: I'm not sure, but something is interfering with all signal activity in that region of space.

EDI: Commander, the Iera system is home to sanctuary and little else. Sanctuary is a supposed safe haven for war refugees.

Shepard: You think it's worth checking out, Traynor?

Traynor: Yes ma'am. I do.

EDI: If specialist Traynor hadn't examined the data so astutely, the interference would have been undetectable.

Shepard: If that's where Kai Leng went, then that's where we're headed.

James: It's not much of a lead, but I'm game if you are.

Shepard: It's a lead. We've come too far to let Cerberus screw us over. I want that Prothean data. I want the Catalyst. No excuses. Dismissed.

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