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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 76 - Sanctuary

Go down to Sanctuary and see what Cerberus is up to in this walkthrough of Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Shepard: Look for an exit. We're close. Keep going. Right.

Woman: I'm doing it now. On it!

Male: We are underestimating the Reaper signal. They are here. Reapers somehow know what we've learned about them. They have a weakness. I'm compiling our research data to archive before it's too late. Cerberus sent troops to defend the facility against the Reapers.

Robot: Starting command sequence. Releasing [inaudible 00:03:08].

Female 1: Game over. What's happening? Oh my God.

Tali: This is our way out. This is our way out.

Shepard: This will get us closer to the tower.

Female 1: Understood.

Shepard: This way.

Tali: It's one of the big ones.

Shepard: Stay out of their reach.

Female 1: They're all coming from that room up ahead.

Shepard: Let's get over there!

Female 1: An exit up ahead.

Shepard: Let's move!

Robot: Tower access granted.

Shepard: Get ready!

Miranda: Shepard.

Male: Commander Shepard. Excellent timing.

Shepard: Put the gun down.

Male: No. Oriana tried to shoot me. Miranda's poisonous influence, no doubt.

Shepard: I'm sorry she missed. Where's Kai Leng?

Male: I don't know. Gone. He took my research and left us here to die.

Shepard: Miranda, can you hear me.

Male: That's close enough! Both of you. Kai Leng didn't finish the job, but I will.

Shepard: This ends here.

Male: On the contrary, now that the Reapers are taken care of, we have a way out.

Shepard: Let her go.

Miranda: Shepard, don't let him take her.

Oriana: Shepard, please.

Shepard: What exactly do you think you've created here?

Male: Hope. Few people have the stomach to do what it takes to survive. What we learned here will save countless lives. I will be seen as the savior of the human race.

Shepard: I doubt that. You don't need her. Let her go and you can walk out of here.

Male: She's all I've got left. Everything else is gone. Now put down the gun and step aside. Oriana has already been through enough.

Miranda: Shepard!

Oriana: Miranda? Miranda, I'm sorry.

Miranda: Listen to me. Listen. I wanted you to have a normal life. Marriage. Children. Things I could never have.

Oriana: He told me all about you. Thank you for saving me.

Miranda: You deserve a life, Oriana. Be good. Shepard.

Shepard: I'm here.

Miranda: Before Kai Leng left I planted a trace on him.

Shepard: A trace? You thought of everything.

Miranda: Not everything. Nobody's perfect, but at least Oriana is safe.

Shepard: I never met anyone like you, Miranda.

Miranda: No, you haven't.

Shepard: I'll keep your sister safe.

Miranda: Good. I just wish I could have...

Oriana: Miranda? Miranda?

Shepard: Let's make sure everybody knows about this place.

Computer voice 1: Communication scrambler disabled.

Computer voice 2: Listen to me. This is not a refugee camp. This is a Cerberus facility run by my father, Henry Watson.

Shepard: Come on, Oriana. Let's get you out of here.

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