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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 77 - Cronos Station

Check out part 78 and go to the Illusive Man's base on Cronos Station in this walkthrough of Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Adm. Hackett: I wasn't in favor of your diversion to Sanctuary, Commander. Too many unknowns. But I was wrong. The Cerberus lab you raided hinted at something big, but we never expected this. All those refugees, all that slaughter, just to study indoctrination.

Cdr. Shepard: Sanctuary did need to be shut down, Sir. What they learned about the Reapers wasn't worth all those lives.

Adm. Hackett: It's useful intel, Commander, but you're right. The cost was too high. Do we have a location on the Illusive Man?

Cdr. Shepard: Yes, we had a tracer on Kai Leng when he reported back.

Adm. Hackett: Good, that gives us a fighting chance to take Cerberus out of this war.

Cdr. Shepard: Agreed. A lot was sacrificed to get this information. I plan to settle the score.

Adm. Hackett: We end Cerberus and focus on the Reapers.

Cdr. Shepard: Understood.

Adm. Hackett: Hackett out. Shepard, the intel you sent looks good. The fleets are ready to go.

Cdr. Shepard: But?

Adm. Hackett: Once we're committed against Cerberus, it won't be long before the Reapers take notice.

Cdr. Shepard: And the Crucible?

Adm. Hackett: Ready except for the Catalyst. There's no way to hide the ships we'll be sending in Cerberus. Once we attack, the Crucible won't stay safe for long. For all intents and purposes, an assault on Cerberus will be the first stage of our attack on Earth.

Cdr. Shepard: What happens if Cerberus doesn't have the intel we need or they stop us from getting it?

Adm. Hackett: Then we lead the fleets to Earth and we take our chances, but your intel points to Cerberus, and the Illusive Man holding the information we're looking for, and we have the element of surprise. Cerberus won't know what hit them.

Cdr. Shepard: The Reapers and Cerberus started this. Now we're gonna end it.

Adm. Hackett: I'll get the fleets mobilized.

Eve: Your courage for my people will be remembered. You won't be alone in your fight.

Woman: Finish this. You promised me.

Mordin: Must counteract sabotage. Stop me if you must.

Cdr. Shepard: [gasps]

EDI: Shepard, we've arrived. The crew is waiting.

Adm. Hackett: The strike team is in. We've got a foothold. Fifth Fleet, all forward. I don't want a single Cerberus ship in my sky when we're through.

EDI: Shepard, I should accompany you on this mission.

Cdr. Shepard: Why?

EDI: This is the central point of operations for Cerberus. They will have enhanced security measures. With my knowledge of Cerberus algorithms and this body's updated protocols, I offer the best chance to help you succeed.

Cdr. Shepard: Grab your gear. Joker, what's our status?

Joker: We've got a foothold but it's not much, Commander. A lot of fighters guarding the launch base.

Cdr. Shepard: Can you get us in?

Joker: Hey, no need to be insulting. It might be a bumpy ride though.

Cdr. Shepard: Do what you can.

EDI: Shepard, I am ready.

Joker: Wait, what? Are you crazy? You can't go to Cerberus headquarters. They could have a virus or a kill switch or...

EDI: I will be fine, Jeff.

Cdr. Shepard: Head to the shuttle, EDI.

Joker: Fifth Fleet's cut through their line. They're regrouping. Now is as good a time as any.

Cdr. Shepard: Just get us in there safely. I'll take care of your girlfriend.

Joker: Well, that wasn't ominous. Thanks. Sometimes... Damn it.

Cdr. Shepard: The fleet needs your help. The Cerberus ships have some upgrades that outclass Alliance specs. The Normandy's the most advanced ship in the galaxy. Go do some damage.

Joker: Got it. And, Shepard, tell EDI to kick some ass.

Cdr. Shepard: Everything okay, Cortez?

Lt. Cortez: I'm fine. I've got repairs to make here. Reduce Cerberus' health.

EDI: Shepard, they're launching fighters.

Cdr. Shepard: Doing it now.

EDI: Shepard, we've got geth incoming.

Cerberus PA: Security breach in Hangar 16. Initiating Achilles protocol.

EDI: Shepard, Cerberus intends to vent the Hangar bay.

Cdr. Shepard: Can you stop them?

EDI: I need an active console. Try the upper level.

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