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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 78 - Cronos Station

Check out part 79 and go to the Illusive Man's base on Cronos Station in this walkthrough of Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


EDI: Shepard, we're almost out of time. Find a console before Cerberus vents the hanger.

Shepard: EDI, I've got a console. Go!

EDI: Hanger vent procedure. Disabled.

Shepard: Can you open the hanger?

EDI: No, however, I can access their fighter launch controls. Shepard, Cerberus is aware that the venting attempt failed. Reinforcements are inbound.

Assault Trooper: Go! Go! Go!

EDI: Another Cerberus team is inbound.

Tali: They figured out our plan!

Shepard: They're not stopping us now!

Assault Trooper: Get down!

EDI: I will.

Tali: On it.

EDI: Overriding safeties. The fighter should now launch. Open hanger door.

Shepard: Perfect. Let's get down there.

EDI: Launching fighter.

Tali: Kiva!

EDI: The central lab was located behind this hanger. I suggest we follow the fighter's path.

Shepard: Noted. Let's move.

Intercom: Intruder alert. All personnel prepare for security lockdown. I repeat, hostile forces have breached the perimeter. All units respond. Research personnel, lock all terminals and destroy all data [inaudible 00:03:42].

EDI: Yes. Right. Yes. That's the last of the troopers in this area.

Tali: I hope so. I could use a moment.

Man: Talk to me. I'm hearing reports [inaudible 00:04:54].

Woman 2: Negative. They rigged a fire. Damn thing tore through half the facility.

Shepard: EDI, can you get past it?

EDI: One moment. Cerberus has updated their encryption. There may be a slight delay as I bypass security.

Shepard: How's Cerberus reacting to us breaching the door?

EDI: They are sealing off as much of the base as they can. Most obvious routes to the central lab are blocked. Other areas are being fortified. Heavy troopers will attempt to delay us, while engineers set up turrets.

Shepard: Any more surprises, like venting the hanger?

EDI: No, I am aware of this facility's safe guards and can counteract them. Cerberus can merely slow us down.

Shepard: Let me know when you're through.

EDI: I am through. We must proceed through a sublevel to avoid Cerberus containment measures.

Shepard: Where do you think we'll find the Prothean VI?

EDI: A central lab at the heart of this facility. It is the most secure area. Following the destruction left by the fighter will offer the most direct route.

Assault Trooper: Take cover! Squad, keep moving! Lock and load! It's Shepard! Keep going! [inaudible 00:06:56].

Tali: Got it. They're throwing their lives away.

EDI: Their intention is to delay us, not stop us. Engineers are currently preparing an organized defense ahead. We will be through momentarily. Shepard, that console has not been fully scrubbed. It contains data you may find... interesting.

Shepard: What am I lookin at?

EDI: When the Collectors destroyed the original Normandy, Cerberus recovered your body. Project Lazarus was the code name for the process by which you were reconstructed the fight the Reapers.

Man: It can't be done. It's not a matter of resources.

Illusive Man: It's always a matter of resources. We're not losing Shepard.

Man: Sir, Shepard is clinically brain dead. After that much trauma, that long with no oxygen, we cannot overcome nature.

Illusive Man: Operative Lawson disagrees. She is now in charge of Project Lazarus.

Shepard: They realized it was that bad.

Tali: Kila. Are you all right?

Shepard: No different than any other time I've been knocked out. Just took them a little longer to slap me back into fighting shape. I'm still me. And doesn't change anything.

Tali: You saved my people. You're real enough for me.

Man: Tissue regeneration is proceeding. The helmet kept the brain intact, for whatever good that will do.

Illusive Man: Lawson will find a way.

Man: Sir, Shepard's an Alliance solider. As far as she knows, we're a terrorist organization.

Illusive Man: I'm not looking for a dance partner. We need Shepard, and Shepard needs resources. She'll work with us.

Tali: He was right. You did.

Shepard: The Alliance wasn't listening. What the hell was I supposed to do, sit and wait?

Tali: I was there with you, Shepard. And I'm here now, shutting Cerberus down.

Man: Project Lazarus is reporting neurological activity. They're requesting more funding!

Illusive Man: Granted. Get me our potential recruit's file. Shepard will be up soon, we need a crew.

Woman: Our existing forces should be more than sufficient.

Illusive Man: No, we need sympathetic faces. I need Shepard invested. Tap Kelly Chambers and recruit Donnelley. I imagine Miss Daniels will follow. We want some old friends, as well. Contact Dr. Chocwas and send me the psych profile on Shepard's pilot. Along with a bottle of 47 Thesia Red.

Tali: He needs to die.

Shepard: How's that door coming, EDI?

EDI: We are clear to proceed.

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