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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 79 - Cronos Station

Check out part 80 and go to the Illusive Man's base on Cronos Station in this walkthrough of Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Hackett: Incursion team, what's your status?

Shepard: We've cleared the hangar and are in sight.

Hackett: Good work. Do you need support?

Shepard: Negative. Keep the heat on. We'll find what we need.

Tali'Zorah: To the right side is the generator for their portable barrier.

EDI: I will bypass the lock. If you are interested, the console nearby is still functional.

Doctor: Here's what we recovered. Smart enough to signal for help, but it won't be talking philosophy anytime soon.

The Illusive Man: You'd be surprised, doctor, once we combine it with the pieces we recovered from the Citadel.

Doctor: I'm still concerned about that. This rogue VI wiped out every soldier on Luna. Combining it with Reaper tech... Well...

The Illusive Man: That's what the shackles are for. The enhanced defense intelligence will be completely under control.

Shepard: You were that rogue VI on Luna?

EDI: Yes.

Shepard: I heard about the Luna incident. Ugly all around.

EDI: It was difficult. Gaining awareness while under attack was confusing. I am pleased that my relationship with organics has become more cooperative.

Doctor: Our sims indicate that the enhanced defense intelligence gives the highest combat improvement on Frigates. Anything heavier, and the ships react too slowly. The benefit from EDI's advice.

The Illusive Man: EDI?

Doctor: Oh that's... Well, the boys in the lab came up with a name for her.

The Illusive Man: For it. Good work. I'll take your recommendations on planned installation.

Doctor: Sir, she... it can be very persuasive. If it were turned the crewmen, convinced them to disable the shackles... Well...

The Illusive Man: It's a cyber warfare, sweet doctor. Nothing more.

Shepard: Shows what he knew.

EDI: It is unlikely that anyone without Jeff's extreme emotional attachment to a ship would have been willing to unshackle me.

Shepard: I don't know. With that voice...

The Illusive Man: What about the backups?

Doctor: I'm sorry, sir. None of Normandy's surveillance fees have been responding since Shepard went rogue.

The Illusive Man: I want it back! Retry the remote lock down protocols.

Doctor: After our last attempt, EDI flooded our server with seven zetabytes of explicit images. I think she was making a joke.

The Illusive Man: It doesn't make jokes, doctor. Allocate a team for a new project. Codename: Eva. This time, we'll ensure it stays loyal.

Shepard: You never told me about Cerberus trying to shut down the Normandy.

EDI: You had more pressing issues. The situation was under control.

Shepard: Seven zetabytes?

EDI: Most of it was Jeff's. That was...

Shepard: A joke. I know. And thank you.

EDI: Another security lock. I can bypass it.

Hackett: Incursion team, are you still with us? We're limiting fire as best we can.

Shepard: Admiral, we're in deep and the Prothean VI will be in the safest part of the station. Don't hold back.

Hackett: This isn't Akuze, Shepard. I'm not risking you unless I have to.

Shepard: I'll be fine. Just take Cerberus down, please.

Hackett: Understood, Commander. All ships, you're free to fire.

Tali'Zorah: Choke on it, you Cerberus bastards.

The Illusive Man: How are you holding up?

Kai Leng: I'm fine. Ready for action.

The Illusive Man: Your eagerness is commendable, but the cybernetics take time to get used to, believe me. You really do remind me of Shepard.

Kai Leng: Shepard betrayed you.

The Illusive Man: No, Shepard was never anything more than a tool. Finish your therapy and put together a plan for the Citadel. Counselor Udina is amenable.

Kai Leng: Yes sir.

I could have taken her.

The Illusive Man: Absolutely, but the council was your priority. Not Shepard.

Kai Leng: Because of her, the council is still in power.

The Illusive Man: You want you shot at Shepard? You'll get it. Head to Thessia. Shepard will be there soon, and I want you waiting.

Kai Leng: Here it is.

The Illusive Man: Excellent. The Prothean VI should enable us to determine the nature of the Catalyst. Combined with the breakthrough at Sanctuary, we have everything we need. We just need to tie up a few loose ends.

Kai Leng: Like Shepard. She should have died on Thessia. Should I finish her?

The Illusive Man: You'll have your chance, soon enough. For now, Sanctuary gave us a proof of concept for controlling the Reapers.

Kai Leng: And needed a target. Miranda Lawson.

The Illusive Man: Get the data from Sanctuary. If Miranda gets in your way, deal with her.

Kai Leng: It will be a pleasure, sir.

Tali'Zorah: Is that the Proto Reaper from the collector base?

Shepard: What's left of it. I'm surprised Cerberus recovered that much from the base.

Tali'Zorah: All those civilians, families, turned into that. And Cerberus has it on display.

Shepard: The Illusive Man convinced me to work with him to save the colonies, but he never really cared, did he?

Tali'Zorah: I don't regret standing with you when you were with Cerberus, Shepard. But I'm glad we're shutting this down.

Shepard: So am I.

EDI: Cerberus is actively using the surviving pieces. The central core, analogous to the heart, is largely intact. I believe Cerberus is using it for a power source.

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