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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 80 - Cronos Station

Check out part 81 and go to the Illusive Man's base on Cronos Station in this walkthrough of Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


EDI: More Cerberus forces, en route.

Tali: Good, I just put in a new Thermal clip.

EDI: Cerberus Phantom, incoming.

Tali: I'm on it.

EDI: Phantom down.

Assault Trooper: Target locked. Target [inaudible 00:00:29].

Tali: They're coming up from below.

Assault Trooper: Get down!

EDI: Fighters on the far side.

Tali: On it. [inaudible 00:01:57], this thing is horrible.

Shepard: At least it's not trying to kill us, this time.

Tali: Got it.

EDI: [inaudible 00:02:52]

Tali: Right away.

Jana: Grayson's brain is a mess. He must have been completely under Reaper control, by the end.

Illusive Man: And the physical enhancements?

Jana: Extremely impressive, if we can avoid having entire neural pathways rewritten in the process.

Illusive Man: Greyson's failure was due to a lack of resolve. He wasn't loyal to anything, but his next dose of Red Sand.

Jana: You'd like to try it on loyal test subjects, sir?

Illusive Man: Find volunteers among our new recruits. The physical benefits are tool useful to ignore.

Jana: The performance upgrades are off the charts. Our troops can now fight any Alliance soldier.

Illusive Man: Roll it out. I want all troopers fitted with the implants, before the Reapers arrive.

Jana: I'm still concerned about us losing control of our forces. Some of them are already hearing voices.

Illusive Man: When our work at Sanctuary pays off, the only voice they'll be hearing is ours.

Jana: Sir, you wanted my opinion on this. It's too dangerous.

Illusive Man: No. We're close. Sanctuary was a success. We can control Reaper forces. Everything we've been fighting for, every sacrifice we've's about to pay off.

Jana: We can't lose you, sir. Humanity needs your mind and they need it intact.

Illusive Man: I understand the danger, Jana. That's why I'm trusting you with this. As long as you're here, I know you'll keep me in line.

Jana: I'm holing you to that, sir. Okay.

Illusive Man: Begin the procedure. No anesthetic. Computer, end recording.

Shepard: This is it. Stay sharp, everyone. We need to locate the Prothean VI.

Illusive Man: Shepard, you're in my chair.

Shepard: This chair's about the only damn thing you have left. Cerberus is finished.

Illusive Man: On the contrary, we have achieved everything I ever imagined. Almost everything.

Shepard: Yeah? We all saw what you "accomplished" on Sanctuary. But it's not the same as controlling a Reaper.

Illusive Man: A significant hurdle. But thanks to the Prothean VI, I have what I need to make it a reality.

Shepard: The Catalyst.

Illusive Man: Yes.

Shepard: What is the Catalyst, and how exactly will it help you control the Reapers?

Illusive Man: You'll have to ask the VI yourself. I'm done helping you.

Shepard: When did you start?

Illusive Man: You think because I'm willing to use the enemies tactics, that they're no longer my enemy? Everything, Shepard...everything I've done has uplifted humanity. Not only above other species in our galaxy, but over the Reapers.

Shepard: I've given you every chance to listen to reason. Cerberus is done. And so are you.

Illusive Man: Once again, you fail to recognize the truth. Cerberus isn't just an organization, or the people behind it. Cerberus is an idea. That idea is not so easily destroyed. Besides, I've already acquired what you're looking for.

Shepard: EDI?

EDI: I've almost got it.

Illusive Man: EDI, I'm surprised at you. Working so hard to bring about the Reaper's destruction.

Shepard: Don't listen to him.

Illusive Man: You could have destroyed Eva's body, but instead, you chose to control it.

EDI: It was necessary.

Illusive Man: My point, exactly.

EDI: I've got it.

Hologram: Online. Security breach detected.

Illusive Man: Enjoy your little chat. But don't overstay your welcome.

Hologram: You are attempting to recover me from indoctrinated forces.

Shepard: Yes. I need to know what the Catalyst is.

Hologram: Security protocols have been overridden; I will comply. The Catalyst enhances dark energy transmissions and coordinates the entire mass relay network. In your cycle, it is known as the Citadel.

Shepard: What??

Hologram: The Catalyst is the Citadel.

Shepard: So, the Crucible and the Citadel together can stop the Reapers.

Hologram: That is correct.

Shepard: But...the Citadel was built by the Reapers.

Hologram: The plans for the Crucible were passed down to us, from the previous cycle. And countless cycles before that. [inaudible 00:08:58] point, it is difficult to pinpoint when. The Crucible plans were adapted to incorporate the use of the Catalyst. Presumably, the Crucible was not sufficiently powerful to defeat the Reapers.

EDI: So, we used their own technology against them.

Hologram: Precisely.

Shepard: If you told me sooner, we could have planned for this.

Hologram: It was feared that if the Reapers were aware of the Catalyst's intended use, they would re-take control of it. I am programmed to withhold that information, until the Crucible is complete.

Shepard: It's as ready as it's gonna be. Let's get it to the Citadel.

Hologram: That may no longer be possible.

Shepard: Why not?

Hologram: The one who broke through my security protocols, the one you call "The Illusive Man", has fled to the Citadel and informed the Reapers of our purposes.

Shepard: Damn it!

EDI: Then the Citadel is in danger. The Reapers will take control of it.

Hologram: They already have. The Citadel has been moved to the Reaper-controlled space.

Shepard: Moved? To where?

Hologram: To the system you refer to as "Sol".

Shepard: Earth.

Hologram: Correct. The Reaper forces will now consolidate power around the Catalyst and protect it, at all costs. The odds of accessing it are remote.

Shepard: We were gonna face the Reapers head-on, eventually. Doesn't really matter where it happens. We'll get the Crucible to Earth.

Hologram: I hope you find success.

Shepard: EDI, get me Hackett. He needs...

Man: Not so fast.

Shepard: You.

Man: He did warn you not to overstay your welcome.

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