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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 82 - Earth

Check out part 83 and go back to Earth and try and rescue the galaxy in this walkthrough of Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Joker: Commander, you've got a priority message from Admiral Hackett requesting to come aboard.

Shepard: Permission granted.

Joker: Aye, Commander.

Hackett: Commander.

Shepard: Admiral.

Hackett: Are you ready to bring the might of the galaxy to bear on the Reapers?

Shepard: Yes, sir.

Hackett: Then let's make sure the fleets are ready.

Woman: All fleets reporting in, sir.

Hackett: Never before have so many come together, from all corners of the galaxy, but never before have we faced an enemy such as this. The Reapers will show us no mercy. We must give them no quarter. They will terrorize our populations. We must stand fast in the face of that terror. They will advance, until our last city falls. But we will not fall. We will prevail. Each of us will be defined by our actions in the coming battle. Stand fast, stand strong, stand together. Hackett, out. Shepard, the Sword fleets are ready to strike at the Reapers surrounding Earth. While they keep the enemy engaged, you and Hammer ground forces can take London.

Shepard: London? Why aren't we hitting the Citadel directly?

Hackett: Anderson can brief you on that. Admiral, how you holding up?

Anderson: [inaudible 00:02:23]. But as you can see, the station's closed itself since it appeared over London.

Shepard: Damn it. Gotta get the arms open to dock the Crucible.

Hackett: Exactly.

Anderson: But London is surrounded by Hades cannons. Hammer transports can't land while they're active. You lead a squadron of smaller shuttles, infiltrate with a ground to to take out the cannons, using heavy weapons. Hammer can land and we'll set up a forward operations base.

Shepard: I still don't see how we're getting to the Citadel from London.

Anderson: The Reapers use this beam to transport humans, alive and dead, to the Citadel. From the FOB, Hammer will launch an all-out assault on the Citadel beam. Everyone who makes it that far will take the beam to the Citadel, then locate and activate the Citadel arm controls.

Hackett: Once we see those arms, Shield fleet will escort the Crucible to the Citadel. But timing will be critical. We don't have enough firepower to keep the Crucible safe for long.

Shepard: And I thought uniting every species in the galaxy was a challenge...

Anderson: It's desperate. I don't even wanna guess at our odds, but...

Hackett: But this is the only plan we have. If we wait, the Reapers bleed us slowly. Conventionally, we can't defeat the Reapers without the Crucible. Get the Citadel arms open, Commander. Whatever the cost. We'll do the rest.

Shepard: Yes, sir.

Hackett: Good luck, to all of us.

Joker: Approaching Sol relay, Commander. We're through the relay in 30 seconds. Alliance fleet, reporting. Turian fleet, reporting. Assari fleets, reporting.

Quarian: Quarian fleets accounted for and ready.

Joker: Quarian fleet, reporting. All fleets reporting in, Commander. Ready to engage, on your command.

Shepard: This is it, everyone. Be ready on my signal. Fire! On my command, engage the Reaper forces.

Pilot: Roger that. All fighters, on me.

Shepard: Attack!

Pilot: Acknowledged. We can't hold them, Commander. Our left flank is collapsing!

Shepard: They're getting torn apart.

Joker: Breaking off. Preparing for descent. Commander, be careful down there.

Shepard: We'll be fine. Stay focused.

Joker: Aye aye. Advanced teams are away. Hammer is in position and waiting for you guys to clear a path. Normandy's rejoining Sword.

Shepard: Stay safe. I'll be back before you know it.

Joker: I'll hold you to that. Normandy, out.

Man: We're closing in on the LZ, Commander.

Shepard: How's it look?

Man: Like hell. Take a look for yourself.

Tali: Sorry, Shepard. I know how you must feel.

Shepard: Barely even recognize it.

Man: Shit, we got a lock. Hold on! Damn it!

Shepard: Status.

Man: That was the squad responsible for taking out that defense turret.

Shepard: Who's on it now?

Man: Nobody in the vicinity. All either deployed or shot down.

Shepard: Drop us off.

Man: Ma'am?

Shepard: We have to take that thing out before Hammer can land.

Man: Understood.

Shepard: Change of plans, people. We're gonna take out that Hades cannon.

EDI: A bold strategy. Do you have a plan?

Man: That downed shuttle would have been carrying weapons.

Shepard: Perfect. You heard the man; once we're clear, make your way to the crashed shuttle. We'll search the wreckage for heavy weapons.

EDI: Ready when you are.

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