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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 84 - Earth

Check out part 85 and go back to Earth and try and rescue the galaxy in this walkthrough of Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Female 1: That's it. Last gun down. All Hammer teams prepare for landing.

Shepard: Anybody, come in, we need extraction.

Female 2: Another enemy incoming.

Shepard: This is Commander Shepard. Any alliance personnel in the vicinity?

Alliance Major: Prepare for extraction.

Major Coats: Come on, we'll cover you.

Alliance Major: Hurry, we're taking fire.

Major Coats: Get us out of here, Corporal. You okay?

Shepard: I'm alive

Anderson: That you are, Commander.

Shepard: Admiral.

Anderson: I knew you wouldn't let me down, Shepard.

Shepard: I appreciate the trust.

Anderson: I think you've earned it.

Shepard: How are we looking?

Anderson: Now that the heavy air defenses are dealt with, Hammer can land.

Major Coats: And not a moment too soon.

Anderson: What's left of the resistance is holding the Forward Operating Base, but the Reapers are countering already. Once we re-group, it's going to be up to Hammer to take up the fight.

Shepard: It must have been brutal here, cut off from the rest of the alliance.

Anderson: It's been touch and go from day one. But once we're figured out the Reapers were focusing on the major centers, it became easier to avoid direct contact.

Major Coats: Until London.

Anderson: Yeah. We held back as long as we could, sending in recon teams. Lost a lot of good men planning this attack. But with soldiers like Major Coats and knowing you'd bring us help, we held on.

Shepard: You did what you had to, and now we're in a position to actually pull this off.

Major Coats: Yeah. The admiral's being modest. He's the reason any of us are still alive.

Anderson: Let's not start handing out medals just yet. This fight's just getting started, and Hammer better be ready for it.

Shepard: They'll do whatever it takes to win this.

Anderson: Good. That's what it's going to take.

Shepard: We'll get it done, Anderson.

Anderson: I was born in London.

Shepard: Really?

Anderson: The entire galaxy united. Too bad it took the Reapers to bring us together.

EDI: Actually, the commander's responsible for that.

Anderson: That's exactly what I meant. I know you didn't like leaving Shepard but nobody could have accomplished what you've done.

Shepard: It's good to be back home.

Major Coats: There's the FOB.

Anderson: Looks good. Give Hammer the all clear.

Marine: Admiral, we set up a command center in the building over there.

Anderson: Looks like we've still got groups coming in.

Marine: Yes, sir, but not as many as we hoped.

Anderson: Mm, come see me when you're ready, Shepard.

Shepard: Will do.

EDI: He's right. I expected to see more of Hammer here by now.

Shepard: A lot of them won't be making it.

Tali'Zorah: Sorry about Cortez. He was a good pilot.

Shepard: You two go on ahead, I'll catch up.

Major Coats: The fighting here has been some of the worst on the planet. It looks bad, but there's still hope and you're here. It'll do the troops good to see you, bolster their resolve.

Shepard: Soldiers get the job done, no matter who's fighting next to them.

Major Coats: Sure. They'll do their jobs, but they'll fight harder knowing you're here, knowing you're fighting beside them. Like it or not, Commander, you're a hero to these men and women. Don't discount the effect that can have on them. I'd better go meet up with my battalion. I'll see you at the Command Center.

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