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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 85 - The Conduit

Go back to Earth and try and rescue the galaxy in this walkthrough of Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Man 1: I spent three days in that sector, trapped inside Big Ben, sniping anything that moved. It's a bloody death trap. Name me one place--

Edie: Shepard, I have a question.

Shepard: Is it a big or small one?

Edie: It is important. It's relevance would be diminished at any other time.

Shepard: Ask away.

Edie: In this battle, the reapers have no reason not to use their full capabilities to destroy us. Their forces are in entrenched positions. They have superior fire power and outnumber our forces. My question is, what makes you think we can reach the conduit at all?

Shepard: Because I owe them for Thesia and everywhere else.

Edie: Our chances of victory are less than assured.

Shepard: Are you afraid?

Edie: Our probability for success is greater than any other plan presented to date.

Shepard: That's not what I asked. Are you afraid?

Edie: I do not understand the purpose of the question.

Shepard: There's no room for doubt anymore, Edie. You understand what we have to do or you don't.

Edie: I am clear on what we must accomplish, Shepard. The reapers have destroyed thousands of civilizations but they have never destroyed ours. Nor will they.

Shepard: Good. Fight hard but fight smart. We'll be depending on you.

Edie: Understood.

Shepard, there is something I want you to know. The Elusive Man ordered my creation years ago. Jeb was the one who allowed me to think for myself but only now do I feel alive. That is your influence.

Shepard: Thanks, Edie.

Woman 1: Almost time for the final push. Are you okay?

Shepard: I thought I'd be asking you that question.

Woman 1: Shepard, I backed you when I was just a kid on her pilgrimage. I backed you when the Normandy was a Cerberus ship. What kind of friend would I be if I didn't back you now? And you haven't answered my question. Are you okay?

Shepard: You know, I really am. I spent months talking to the counsel, to Admirals, to politicians, all to get to this moment.

Woman 1: No politics. No diplomacy. Just us and them, one last time. Whatever happens, I'm proud to have served with you, Captain.

Shepard: Why do you say it like that? Looking for a transfer?

Woman 1: Well, I can't play favorites by staying on a human ship. I'm an Ambassador now.

Shepard: I did get you a home world.

Woman 1: You did, didn't you? It's time I returned the favor.

Man 3: Commander.

Shepard: Admiral.

Man 3: Just going over the [inaudible 00:03:12].

Shepard: How's it look?

Man 3: Less than 25% of hammer has reported in.

Shepard: That's it?

Man 3: There's some stragglers still on route but the bulk of hammer that's still intact has arrived. We're as ready as we're likely to get.

Shepard: Every minute wasted here, the reapers gather strength.

Man 3: Exactly my thoughts. Battalion leaders, report to HQ. We fought hard to get here but now the toughest part of our mission begins. We've got to drive right through the heart of reaper controlled territory, break past their defenses and get to that beam.

Shepard: What kind of defenses?

Man 3: The entire area is crawling with reaper forces but our biggest concern is the destroyer protecting the beam itself.

Man 1: Can we bring in air support to deal with it?

Man 3: Negative. Some kind of interference. We'll have to take it out from the ground. Now they've cut a swath, a no man's land, through the city. We'll have to cross that first. There will be some limited shelter on the other side but expect heavy ground resistance. We need to get our tanks to here. If we get close enough, we've got a shot at taking that thing out.

Man 1: How much of a shot?

Man 3: They know we're coming. This will be a one way trip for many of us but there can be no retreat, no stepping back. We move forward at all costs, understood?

Shepard: Hooya! Yes, sir!

Man 3: Johnson, Coates, you two will coordinate the artillery units. Shepard, I'm sending you right up the gut, where the resistance is heaviest. Support the tanks the best you can but stay alive. I need you for the final push to the beam. I'll give you a minute with your squad. Pick your team well.

Shepard: This war has brought you here today. It will define each of you. You may be a brother to someone, a daughter, a son but today, you're a soldier. The reapers gave you a purpose and you accepted the challenge. You all chose to be here. Each of you chose to stand and fight. One way or another, this war ends today. There will be no second chances and no room for mistakes. Each of you needs to be willing to die to win the day. Anything less and you're already dead. Expect no mercy. Show no mercy. You fight or you die.

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