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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 87 - The Conduit

Check out part 88 and make the final charge on the Conduit and try and get to the Citadel in this walkthrough of Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Woman: Damn it, Kato Company's being rooted.

Man 1: Charlie Company's been taken out.

Woman: Thanks! We're moving again.

Man 2: All right people, eyes peeled. The buildings will give us some cover, but it gives them a place to hide.

Woman: Roger that.

Tali: Right!

EDI: Affirmative!

Woman: This is Echo Company, there's not enough room to maneuver the tanks in here.

Man 2: Back track if you have to, but find another route ASAP.

Woman: Acknowledged.

EDI: Affirmative! At once.

Tali: On it!

Delta: Contact, this is Delta. We're being overrun.

Man 2: What's your location? God damn it.

Tali: Understood! Right!

Able: Able Company's broken through. Christ, that Destroyer is huge.

Man 2: Hold your position. The rest of Hammer are still en-route.

Able: The Destroyer spotted us. We're prepping Thanix missiles.

Man 2: Hold your fire. You won't do anything but piss it off.

Able: Roger than, but we may have no choice.

Man 2: Understood.

Able: Destroyer just took off. Firing remaining missiles.

Man 2: Are you [inaudible 00:06:39]?

Able: Negative. Can't get a lock. Something's messing with our guidance.

Man 2: We're almost there, Able. Hold on.

EDI: I will.

Man 2: We're at the rendezvous. Hammer companies report in.

Man 3: Bravo and Delta companies have sustained heavy casualties. No word from Able or Charlie. Echo, Foxtrot, and Engine are here, but severely depleted. Lost contact with [inaudible 00:08:04].

Man 2: Be ready people.

EDI: Right.

Tali: Doing it now.

Able: How are we supposed to take that thing down?

Man 2: We wait for it to get close, then we hit it with everything we've got.

Able: Our guidance systems are buggered.

Man 2: Roger that. Our engineers are on it.

Able: I think it's got something to do with the beam.

Tali: Look out!

Able: They're sending in more grunts!

Woman: They're coming from behind us.

Able: They're coming from everywhere! Going for the tanks!

Man 2: Protect the tanks at all costs! Without those missiles, we've got no chance.

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