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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 88 - The Conduit

Check out part 89 and make the final charge on the Conduit and try and get to the Citadel in this walkthrough of Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Liara: All units, open fire! Where's our fire support? We need reinforcements on the... No! Where's the artillery?

Shepard: The company has been wiped out.

Coats: Commander, do you read me?

Shepard: Major, what's the situation?

Coats: The beam is interfering with missile guidance. We can hit the destroyer, but we'll never make the precision strike, we need to take it out.

Shepard: Damnit! I may have a solution. I should be able to use the Normandy's systems to enhance the missile's targeting capabilities. I just need to create a link to the Normandy. That's it. I'll let you know when I've adapted the targeting systems

Coats: Sounds like good news, Commander.

Shepard: We'll see.

Anderson: Hammer this is Admiral Anderson. The Reaper ground forces are making a push. Hold your ground! Protect those tanks until we can get a shot.

Shepard: You heard them people, get ready!

Liara: There they are!

Soldier: Commander, we're trying to hold them off but they destroyed our trucks. Overwhelm their position. Your left flank is gone. They're headed your way. Sorry, sir.

Shepard: Hang in there, soldier. Heads up, we've got more incoming!

Tali: Damn! We better cover our left flank.

EDI: Commander, I have reprogrammed targeting. Missiles are ready for launch.

Shepard: Got it. You heard her! Back to the truck, people.

EDI: Missile guidance enhanced.

Shepard: Firing!

EDI: Countering interference.

Tali: Did it hit?

Shepard: What happened?

EDI: The reaper is still too close to the beam.

Shepard: We're down to two missiles.

Tali: And we haven't even scratched it!

EDI: You will need to allow the reaper to move out of the beam's influence.

Shepard: And closer to us!

Anderson: Commander, Hammer is being overrun at every turn. Reaper ground forces are converging on your location. We're finding our way to you. Hold on commander, hold on!

Tali: How can there be more of them?

Shepard: Hold on everyone. We can do this.

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