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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 89 - The Conduit

Make the final charge on the Conduit and try and get to the Citadel in this walkthrough of Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


EDI: Affirmative.

Tali: Acknowledged.

EDI: Commander, the destroyer is in range. Missiles are ready for launch.

Shepard: Roger that, ED.

EDI: Targeting is online. Reapers within range.

Shepard: Firing.

Man 1: It's going down!

Shepard: Hit them with everything you've got!

EDI: Destroyer terminated.

Shepard: Nice work, ED.

Man 2: Shepard, we're on our way to your location.

Shepard: Roger that.

Man 2: Shepard, over here! Thank God you made it.

Shepard: It didn't look good.

Man 2: It gets worse.

Shepard: Course it does.

Man 2: Hackett just reported in. Several sovereign class Reapers have broken off from the battle with sword. They're headed here.

Shepard: Great.

Man 2: It's an opportunity for Hackett to get the Crucible in place, but we have to get a team on board the Citadel to open those arms now.

Man 3: We still don't even know what we'll find when we get to the Citadel.

Shepard: Then that's our job. Find out what we're up against.

Man 2: All right. Saddle up, everybody. Get me Admiral Hackett. It's now or never, Admiral. We're going in.

Hackett: Acknowledged. I'll send the word. All ships, this is Admiral Hackett. The Crucible is on the move. I repeat, the Crucible is on the move. Protect it at all costs. Everyone, this is it. Any available squadrons, delay those Reapers leaving the battle. We've got to give Hammer more time.

Man 2: From here on in, it's a straight shot to the beam.

Man 3: A straight shot with Reapers trying to crush us along the way.

Man 2: We just need to get a handful of troops through.

EDI: Even a handful seems optimistic.

Man 2: We knew this was going to be a gamble at best.

Shepard: Bad odds are better than no chance at all.

Tali: Even if we all die here, we're going down fighting.

Man 3: We're in sight of the target.

Man 2: All right, everyone, this is it. Shit! We've got to move!

Shepard: Come on!

Man 2: Hammer squads, go, go, go!

Woman: [inaudible 00:07:38]

Man 4: Negative. Our entire force was decimated. It's too much. We need to regroup!

Woman: All forces, retreat! Pull back! Pull back!

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