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Mass Effect 3 Ending (Control / Blue) Walkthrough Part 92

Check out the Mass Effect 3 Blue Ending, controlling the Reapers in this walkthrough of Bioware's new release, Mass Effect 3.


Boy: Releasing the energy of the crucible will end the cycle, but it will also destroy the mass relays. The paths are open, but you have to choose.

Speaker 1: Did that all really happen?

Speaker 2: Yes, but some of the details have been lost in time. It all happened so very long ago.

Speaker 1: When can I go to the stars?

Speaker 2: One day my sweet.

Speaker 1: What will be there?

Speaker 2: Anything you can imagine. Our galaxy has billions of stars. Each of those stars could have many worlds. Every world could be home to a different form of life, and every life is a special story of its own.

Speaker 1: Tell me another story about the shepherd.

Speaker 2: It's getting late, but okay. One more story.

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