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How to Do a Wall Escape in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Learn how to escape after you have been pushed against a wall from Alliance MMA black belt Babs Olusanmokun in this Howcast Brazilian Jiu Jitsu video.


I'm gonna get pushed against the wall here. Okay. In this case, the ropes. Boom. I don't panic right here. I can strike. His hands are tied up. My legs are free. Boom. Right in the groin. And now, I'm going to take his wrist and divert him that way as I escape out this way. Like that. The next variation, one of my hands is gonna rake him in the eyes and then I'm gonna grab his wrist, divert him that way while I come out the other side. He pushes me here. My hands are free. Rake the eyes. Rake the eyes. Grab the wrist. Push it that way while I come out this way. Like that.

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