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How to Do the Arm Bar from Guard in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Learn how to do the arm bar from guard from Alliance MMA black belt Babs Olusanmokun in this Howcast Brazilian Jiu Jitsu video.


So this is an arm bar from the close guard. Grab my opponents hand, grab the sleeve. My other hand will go under his arm and grab by the crook of his elbow. I'll pull his hand to the middle of my body. At this point this free hand will now grab his shoulder like so. My leg here will plant itself on his hip. The foot is on his hip my leg is cinched to his shoulder. Now this leg, my right leg is going to swing into his arm pit. Like I'm trying to smash him down with the back of my knee. As his head lowers my other leg comes over his head.

Now it's laying across his neck hooking his head down. The leg is tight on this side. I put both hands on his wrists I make sure the thumb is facing the ceiling. The thumb facing the ceiling tells me that his elbow is directly against my pelvis. I glue his wrist down and I'm going to lift my hips grabbing his pelvis against that elbow. If he does not tap I'll hyperextend his arm. It's a broken arm here and you get the tap. Control the sleeve, I go under the other hand, get him at the crook of the elbow and tug his arm towards the center of your body. This hand that was previously at the sleeve will now leave to go grab the shoulder on this side.

I take my right leg and put it on his hip. I've got to make sure it's tight, not like so, because then he can yank out his arm. I don't want Max to yank out his arm I keep this tight. My leg here heavy into his arm pit. Push his head and pass the leg over his head. Your legs tight, never like this. Like this his elbow is loose and now he can get that limb out of the way. Keep your knees tight and that means his elbow socket is locked between my legs. I glue his wrists to my chest his thumb must face the ceiling that tells me his elbow is aligned with my pelvis. Glue that wrist down, lift my hips up and I get the tap. Common mistake here people cross their ankles. Even if you see guys doing it in MMA this is wrong. Why? Because Max can now lift up easily. You see how he just postures up. Okay.

When I uncross my legs and I hook his head, now Max come up please, look he can't come up. So that's a very important detail. Do not do this. Your legs your body will tell you it's helping you make it stronger, but it's not it's actually weak. Hook his head, this leg tight. This no space too much, the arm will be free. It's a vice. Glue the wrists down, lift your pelvis up. You get the tap out.

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