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How to Do the Double Ankle Grab Sweep in Jiu Jitsu

Learn how to do the double ankle grab sweep from Alliance MMA black belt Babs Olusanmokun in this Howcast Brazilian Jiu Jitsu video.


A double ankle grab sweep from the guard. My opponent is going to stand up in my guard. As he stands I open my legs, bring my knees to his mid-section like so, my hands are going to grab behind his heels. Guys common mistake here, you do this if Max falls forward he can hurt my neck real badly because my arms would be trapped. So you never do this always to the outside. Should you put a hand in it will be one hand, but never two hands. Your opponent falls forward he can hurt your neck real badly hands always to the outside. I am now going to drive my knees against him. As he falls I immediately reach for one of his collars. I grab the collar my free hand posts on the floor and helps me to come to the top. That's your sweep from the double ankle grab.

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