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How to Do the Foot Lock in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Learn how to do the foot lock from Alliance MMA black belt Babs Olusanmokun in this Howcast Brazilian Jiu Jitsu video.


So we're going to do a Foot Lock here. A very simple Foot Lock from the open guy. Here. I'm going to sit back. Don't grab it and sit back. Then it's too obvious. He'll kick away. Okay? I'm going to be sitting back, then I grab onto it. Put the foot on the hip, so that my opponent cannot come against me. I keep him away. The arm, the leg is extended. I clip it. Tighten it up here. Okay? This leg should never be here. Always like so. Maybe even this. Okay? But I prefer this.

I have my hands locked. Or I can put this here, and grab, like that. You decide which one. I put my shoulder on the floor. I now extend backwards. You'll see people doing this. Even though they might get the tap, technically it's wrong. So if you see that in MMA, UFC, the guy should put a shoulder on the floor. It really tightens the joint. It tightens the lock. And I extend back. And you'll get your tap out.

Foot lock. Now I'm going to do this grip for you and finish it with this grip. Shoulder on the floor. I extend away.

And you got your Foot Lock.

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