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How to Do a Stabilizing Push-Up for an Arm Workout

Learn how to do a stabilizing push-up from personal trainer Brett Azar in this Howcast home arm workout for men video.


All right. So I'm going to go over with you how to do a stabilizing push-up, also know as the tee push-up. With these, it's an upper body killer.

You do a push-up and then you rotate your body so that your weight is on one hand and your other hand comes all the way up in the air and your body turns 90 degrees. It'll work your core, your shoulder, your arms, your triceps are going to get a really big burn and that's why this is good to work into your arm workout because your triceps get a lot out of this just trying to stabilize your body.

Now, I'll show you what I'm talking about. So it's just a regular push-up. You're going to come down. First, everything's straight. Your body is, your core's tight. Body straight. Hands up, come down, elbows in. Okay? Keep your elbows in, keep the focus on your tricep if that's the goal that you want to work.

So elbows are in and as you come up, you're going to rotate your body over and extend your arm up into that full plank position and that's where the stabilization part of this exercise comes in. Because right now, this is screaming. My shoulder's locked working hard. My triceps are locked working hard. It's a difficult exercise. I can't hide it. I'm shaking. And you turn right down to that point.

Now, you can do the same side over and over again and then switch to the other side or you can alternate. I don't want to have my back to you so or you can alternate. And it's just the same thing on the other side. Keep your wrist straight. You want to make sure that you're not sagging your hips. You want to keep it in line. Keep your core tight. Work those obliques. That's what these guys are here. Those are your obliques. You're really going to feel them during this exercise. Where your triceps are holding your body up so that's going to burn too.

Come down, fluid motion, pause at the top, right back in. Alternate, pause at the top, right back in. Again, that one's a difficult one. I'm winded just for showing you the two seconds of that. It's great to work into the end of the workout. Make sure that your form is good. You don't want to sag your body. Keep your core tight. You want to shoot for ten to 15 reps because that's the goal for size. So if you can do ten to 15 on each arm, you're golden.

And that's a tee stabilization or a stabilization push-up.

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