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How to Do a Chin-Up for an Arm Workout

Learn how to do a chin-up from personal trainer Brett Azar in this Howcast home arm workout for men video.


So today I'm going to go over how to do a proper chin up. '

Now, we're focusing on arms today. So a lot of people don't realize that chin ups are a great bicep workout. They think of it more towards a back exercise. So with a chin up your fists are going to face you, as opposed to a pull up where your fists are away, you're going to turn them in, probably a closer grip and keep them towards you. I'll show you in a second how to do it.

Now as you pull up, to keep the focus on your bicep, you're really going to squeeze your biceps in as you pull your body up and release slowly. Now, instead of just pulling up and dropping down that won't put any work into your biceps, it'll be worthless. So keep concentration in your biceps as you pull up. You're going to squeeze when you hit the top and you're going to release yourself down slowly, as opposed to just dropping, because the negative is very important to work in any kind of workout. You'll get twice the benefit out of the size, out of the strength if you still continue to work on that negative, then release.

Breathing, you always breathe out when you work against gravity. So as you're pulling up working against gravity, you're breathing out, releasing coming back.

There's a lot of bad habits that go into chin ups too. Swinging, kicking your legs up with it, you want to stay stable. Okay? You want to keep everything tight. Make sure that all focus is on your biceps because we're doing arms. We're not trying to work our backs too much, but you're going to just because it's a pull up.

Now, I'll show you. So it's underhand, pull up, squeeze it, come down slow, controlled. Don't lock out, keep a nice bend. Come up, squeeze, down controlled. Now, if you can get ten, 15 reps of that, you're in a good position to get some good size and good strength. If you can do more, maybe you can add some weight to yourself. Either hold dumbbells in your feet or there's a belt that you can add a weight to with a chain. If this is too difficult, if you can't get those ten reps there's assisted machines out there that exist where it'll take a percentage of your body weight. So you can still perform the right motion and do the right exercise but it's a little easier, it's a little lighter. Sometimes at the end of an arm workout I can't even do a regular pull up so I'll go to the assisted and I'll do my pull ups, my chin ups, I'm sorry, on an assisted machine.

Again, great for your biceps, great for size, great for strength, good results. And that's a chin up.

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