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How to Do a Bench Dip for an Arm Workout

Learn how to do a bench dip from personal trainer Brett Azar in this home arm workout for men video.


Okay, so I am going to show you how to do a bench dip. Now a lot of guys tend to think of this exercise as a girly exercise but if you are weighing 260 pounds there is nothing girly about it. You can always make it harder. As a dip, this is primarily a triceps exercise. You are going to work your shoulders a little bit stability wise but the focus is on your triceps.

Now to perform this you are going to use your bench as what you are dipping on. The further you put your feet out the harder you are going to make the exercise because the more weight your arms are going to have to take. To make this even more advance you could put your feet up on another bench in front of you if you would like, or stability to ball to really work your core in there.

To perform this exercise, as you come down keep your elbows in. Do not flair them out, keep them in behind you, come down. Do not go down too far, obviously I am sitting on the ground now, but you could also do a lot of damage to your shoulder. Come down to about 90 degrees with your upper arms and push back up, okay?
It is a very simple exercise, very effective and very difficult if you weigh a lot. Body weight exercises can surprise you sometimes; pushups, dips. If you have trouble with those, even I have trouble with those, just being a heavier guy you tend to think that you need a dumbbell or you need barbells to get the best out of your workout when a lot of body weight exercises are very beneficial. Like this one. I like to do this after performing a skull crusher, which we go over in a different part. If you super set, meaning going back to back, try doing skull crushers doing a set of 10 to 15, then jump right into a set of dips and really burn out that muscle.

Again, keep your elbows in. Do not go down to far. All the way up, squeeze. Do not lock out your elbows, so when you come to the top, do not lock that joint because it can do damage to your elbow. Always keep a soft elbow, okay? Your core is nice and tight; elbows in, stretch, squeeze, stretch, and squeeze.

Breathing is very important. Any time you work against gravity you breathe out. I am working against gravity, breathe out. Inhale as you come back, breathe out. Squeeze. That squeeze is just as important. That little pause right there is just as important as everything else.

That is your bench dip.

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