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How to Do an Alternate Dumbbell Curl for an Arm Workout

Learn how to do an alternate dumbbell curl from personal trainer Brett Azar in this Howcast home arm workout for men video.


Okay. So today we're doing an alternating dumbbell curl. Now what that means is you're going to do one arm at a time and focus on each arm separately.

So again, to do this exercise start with your base, your feet. Nice and loose knees. Elbows not locked out, but soft elbow, okay, to protect your joint.

Now, to start this exercise, left or right hand it doesn't matter. Pick your favorite. You're going to come up and rotate your hand upwards as you come up. Squeeze the bicep. On the negative when you're coming down rotate your hand back to the start position, the neutral position. Then you start on your other arm. Come up, rotate so that the palms are up - that's called supinated - and release back down to neutral.

With this you see a lot of bad habits where guys are swinging weights and releasing, and swinging weights and releasing. It's doing nothing for them. Keep it very controlled. If the weight's too heavy, if you need to start swinging, then lower the weight. You'll get more out of it with more controlled movement.

So again, come up, squeeze, rotate the wrist up the palms up, and come back down. And same thing on the other side. And come back down.

One major thing to watch out for is those elbows. You want to keep them locked in place. So as you're coming up you're not going to bring that elbow forward, because that gives you leverage and takes away from the exercise. You're going to keep that elbow right by your side.

You're up. And you're up. Squeeze. And release. Make sure that you breathe through the whole exercise, too. As you come up, breathe out. Release, breathe in. Come up, breathe out. Release, breathe in.

That's your alternating dumbbell curl.

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