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How to Do 21s for an Arm Workout

Learn how to do twenty-ones from personal trainer Brett Azar in this Howcast home arm workout for men video.


Okay, so today we're going to go over how to do 21s. 21s is a specific thing, it doesn't really matter what piece of equipment you're using, you can use 21s on any type of exercise, any piece of equipment. It's just a rep range and a rep speed. The idea of 21s is to really tax out that muscle, get full blood into it and really pump it up, you know the pump that everyone talks about.

To perform a 21, first you perform 7 reps from the lower part to mid way, so it's 7 there, and after that you perform 7 reps from the top of your exercise to mid way. Once you're done with those 7, you do a full 7 up and down. All controlled, not swinging, not cheating the exercise. So with this, I'm going to use an easy bar. The wider you hold it the more the inside of the bicep you're going to work, the closer you hold it the more outside of your bicep you're going to work.

So, I'm going to hold it right in the middle, get a nice even workout for my biceps. Now again, a lot of guys like to use this at the end of their workout just to pump their biceps, I love it, it's a personal favorite exercise of mine. You're going to perform this exercise, feet always a good base, knees not locked out, knees loose as you're performing this.

As you are performing this, you're going to come up halfway and down, halfway and down, never lock out your elbows completely, you could do damage to your joint there, so keep that safe, so 7 reps here, after you perform those 7 come to the top. Now you're not going to be throwing it up, and keep your elbows in place, if you bring your elbows out here you're not really going to work your biceps like you want to.

So again, elbows are going to stay right by your side. Come up to the top and come back half way, this is where it gets hard, so now you should be burning, we're going to perform 7 right here all controlled, you're not swinging it back and forth, all controlled. Get a good squeeze on the bicep, make sure you're breathing through the whole set.

Now once you've finished that 7 you perform the last seven which is full range, just like the standard bar bell curl, come all the way up, squeeze, control the negative, all the way up, squeeze, control the negative, work against gravity, breathe out, control, breathe in, work against gravity, breathe out, squeeze that bicep and you'll feel so much blood rushing to that bicep. and afterwards the results are pretty good. And that's 21s.

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