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How to Do a Dumbbell Tricep Extension for an Arm Workout

Learn how to do a dumbbell tricep extension from personal trainer Brett Azar in this Howcast home arm workout for men video.


So today, we're going to go over how to do a standing dumbbell tricep extension. With this exercise, the focus is going be the long hand of your tricep, okay? Now with this exercise, always start with your feet. Get a good base; you need good balance for this, because you're going to go up overhead. Now, you're going to start here behind your head, with this dumbbell. Make sure not to whack yourself. And the important thing is, you really want to stretch that muscle, come up, and contract, and squeeze. Now this is good to do standing, because it works your core at the same time, so you really need to have good balance. Again, all the way down, stretch, squeeze. Breathing is very important with this exercise too, as you're working against gravity you want to breathe out - so as I'm coming up, working against gravity. Phew. Squeeze your tricep. Release, come back down, breathe in. Now you see, bad habits happen with this exercise when guys hit too heavy and they start trying to throw the weight, or they're so off balance it just looks awkward. Again, you want to pick a weight where you're comfortable with, and you can perform 10 to 15 reps. with. That's the goal for hypertrophy, meaning growth of muscle, muscle size. Now once you're done with your 10 to 15 reps with that arm, you move to the other arm. Again, strong base, strong core; up, squeeze that tricep. Come all the way down; stretch. Again, and it's good to go through the whole range of motion. You don't want to just be going through the top, because that won't work the whole muscle. Come all the way down; stretch that tricep right in here. Come back up; squeeze. Squeeze. And that's your overhead dumbbell tricep extension.

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