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How to Do a Barbell Forearm Extension for an Arm Workout

Learn how to do a barbell forearm extension from personal trainer Brett Azar in this Howcast home arm workout for men video.


So today, we're going to go over barbell forearm extensions. Now there's many different ways of doing this exercise. You can do them seated, like I am now. You can do them kneeling on the floor and using the bench as your leverage, but I'm just going to bring you through one time. This is the way I do them at home, so this is the way I'll show you. You're going to be working your forearms, right here. That's the main focus of this exercise, and it's pretty much the only thing that you're going to be hitting. So to start this exercise, your weight is very important. You want to choose a weight that you're comfortable with, that you can get a full range of motion with. You don't want to have to just be doing half reps, because the more motion you get out of that muscle group, the more results you're going to see.

To do this exercise, you're going to choose your weight. Again, choose a bar that you're comfortable with. This is an easy curl bar. I like that it has the peaks here for you that you can hold on to during this exercise. Now you're going to come all the way down to the start position, as far down as your wrist will let you go. As you come up, you're really squeezing those forearms here, and that's the top of the position. And again, return back to the start.

It's a very simple exercise but a very effective exercise. You'll feel this in no time start burning and all that lactic acid is going to build up in those forearms. Always keep it in control of the movement. You see a lot of guys trying to cheat that exercise. It's not doing anything for them. They'll be trying to use their own body weight to try and throw it up or doing calve raises while they're doing it. Remember to keep everything well controlled, full range of motion. Your elbows are not locked out. Your elbows are nice and comfortable on your legs or on the bench depending on what you want to do. Come up, squeeze, come back down. You shouldn't have to go heavy with this. And that is a barbell forearm extension.

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