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How to Do an Angled Prone Reverse Curl for an Arm Workout

Learn how to do an angled prone reverse curl from personal trainer Brett Azar in this Howcast home arm workout for men video.


Okay. So today we're gonna go over an angled prone reverse curl. Now prone means that you're simply lying on your stomach. So you're going to be lying on this bench, on your stomach. Angled obviously means that the bench is gonna be at an angle. Of which angle, it's up to you. You don't want it too flat, obviously you don't want it straight up, so find somewhere happy medium.

Now it's a reverse curl, so the focus of this is your forearms. You're gonna have an overhand grip, or a prone grip. And the bar you're going to use, you can either use a straight bar, or an easy bar, which is that zig-zag bar. I like the zig-zag bar because I like to hold it at the peaks of the easy bar.

So to do this, I like to kneel on this bench, even though it's kind of dangerous to do. I just feel better about it. Now you're gonna start, your starting position, you're going to be right here. You're upper body's completely supported. As you come up, you're really gonna squeeze out your forearms. Release slowly back down. If it helps, you can have someone hand you the bar, it always makes it easier, less dangerous. You want to make sure that you have a full range of motion. So if the bench is too low, and you start hitting this without reaching your full range of motion, than raise it. Okay? So this exercise, come up, squeeze, return. Controlled, always controlled. Come up, working against gravity, breath out, squeeze and release. Controlled. Breathe back in, inhale. If you want to get a full peak on this exercise, bring your wrists up as you come up. So instead of just keeping your wrists in neutral, flex everything you have right there, and return.

Now, because your upper body is supported, it takes away from your core. Which is okay at times, but it really puts a focus on the arms. So the arms are doing all the work, there's really no way of cheating this exercise. Your elbows are going to stay right in place, notice I'm not swinging them, I'm not bringing them back. They're going to stay right where they are, never locked out, always at a slight bend, helps protect your joint. Come up, squeeze, rotate your wrists up just a little bit, and return.

And that's the angled prone reverse curl.

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