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How to Do a Lying Pullover for an Arm Workout

Learn how to do the lying pullover from personal trainer Brett Azar in this Howcast home arm workout for men video.


Alright. So I'm going to go over with you how to do a lying dumbbell pullover. Now this exercise works many parts of your upper body so it's really not specific. Some guys like to use it just for their back. Some guys use it for their chest. It really depends on what you want to work and how you're squeezing your muscles. The exercise itself looks kind of, looks like this. I'm going to do it without the dumbbell first.

You have the dumbbell up above your head and you're going to bring it back behind your head keeping your elbows just barely bent, full stretch, and come back up. Now as you do that you can see that my back is working to pull it up, my chest is working to pull it up, my triceps are working to stabilize it. So that's why it really depends on what you're trying to work. It works everything so you can squeeze a different muscle part more to get more out of that exercise. But to do this properly you want to make sure that you're using a weight that you feel comfortable with that can be safely put above your head. Make sure that all six points of your body, all the six points that I talked about, your left foot, your right foot, your butt, both shoulder blades and your head are touching and well stabilized. That's anytime you do a lying exercise you want to make sure those six points are firmly planted.

Okay so elbows are slightly bent, you're going to bring the dumbbell back overhead, stretch completely. Now right here at this point my back is getting stretched, my triceps are getting stretched, my chest is getting stretched. So I'm going to come through that position and squeeze all those muscles together to finish that exercise. Again, repeat, come back stretch everything out, and pull back up. Now you can go heavy with this but as soon as you start to break form meaning you start cheating your exercise meaning you're here or you're not getting that full stretch or you're just going half way down it's pointless. Keep a weight you can do the full range of motion with. Come all the way down, stretch.

Don't let it drop too far either. If you're bringing it down here you can cause a lot of damage to your shoulder if you go to heavy. So it's right in line with your head that you want to keep it to and press back up. When you work against gravity that's when you breathe out. So here you're releasing now I'm working against gravity, exhale, squeeze everything you got. Squeeze your triceps, squeeze your chest, squeeze your lats, stretch them back out, inhale and push. And that's a dumbbell line pullover. Enjoy.

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