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How to Do a Seated Overhead Dumbbell Press for Arm Workout

Learn how to do the seated overhead dumbbell press from personal trainer Brett Azar in this Howcast home arm workout for men video.


Okay. So today we're gonna go over the seated overhead dumbbell press.

The primary muscle in this is your shoulders. Your shoulders have three parts. There's the anterior, front, lateral, side, and posterior parts of the shoulder. With a press movement you're working all three at the same time which is great. It's always good to use compound movements in your exercise.

Secondary muscle that you're gonna hit is your triceps. So not only will this be working your shoulders but you'll feel it a lot in your triceps as well. Awesome for your arms.

Now, to do this exercise, you're going to pick a weight that you're comfortable with. Never, ever go too heavy with something that you're that you're gonna bring overhead. Just for obvious reasons. You might knock yourself out.

With this exercise, the starting position is down here. Now, as you come up you're working against gravity. You're gonna blow out. At the top of your exercise, never lock out your elbows. That could do damage to your joints. So you're always going to keep a soft bend in your elbow.

Coming down. You see a lot of guys come down just a little bit. That's not good. You wanna come through the full range of motion of the shoulder. So you're gonna come down to about the rule is 90 degrees. I like to go a little further. But if you have shoulder problems, 90 degrees is all you need to do.

And back up. Come down to 90 or a little bit further. Nothing too excessive. Down here that's, you can see that it's just uncomfortable. You could really cause some injury to your shoulder.

You wanna keep you palms facing out the entire time. So you're gonna come up. Don't lock out but squeeze that shoulder. Come back down. Palms facing out the whole time.

Breathing's very important in this exercise. As you work against gravity you're gonna breath out. So I'm pushing against gravity. Breath out. Breath in as you, as you release, as you come back down. And inhale as you come back down.

Again, you're gonna feel it a lot in your shoulders and also in your triceps as you're coming up. Pushing up. That's the triceps working. Coming down, releasing. Your shoulders are taking all that weight. Slowly returning it back down.

And that's your seated dumbbell overhead press.

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