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How to Do a Swiss Ball Preacher Curl for an Arm Workout

Learn how to do the preacher curl using a Swiss ball from personal trainer Brett Azar in this Howcast home arm workout for men video.


Okay. So today we're gonna go over a Swiss ball preacher curl. Now, this isn't really a well-known exercise but it seems to make sense once you think about it.

A preacher curl is a bicep curl where your arm is supported. Okay? Using a Swiss ball adds a little variety to that, a little stability to that exercise where your body is amazing to adapt to anything you're doing to it. So if you're in the same routine, if you're in the same workout all the time you'll start noticing you won't get the gains that you were when you first started. So you've hit that plateau as we use in the industry. Adding exercises that are completely different that you're body's not used to is great way to bust a plateau. So with this it's a preacher curl.

Again, being a preacher curl it's gonna work your bicep, that's the primary exercise, the muscle of the exercise. Now, instead of using a bench, you're using a ball. Now again this adds on stability. So you gotta work a little harder to keep your bicep in place. You can sandwich the ball between your leg or your body and the bench. As you come down it's controlled, always controlled. Come up, squeeze. Now, a lot of times one of the main things you've gotta make sure of is you're not completely locking out your elbow. Being in this position, very dangerous for your joint. Very bad for you. So as you come down, you're gonna stop right before you reach that full lockout. Come back up, squeeze. If you come up too high you lose tension on the bicep, it's not gonna do anything for you. You always want to keep tension on that bicep. Come down, make sure that your elbow is not locked down, but your bicep is screaming right now. Come up, squeeze. Any time you work against gravity you breathe out. Breathe out, inhale. Again, try to keep this ball stable, adds that little X factor to the exercise that makes it something totally new to your arm. That can really help you with a plateau and keeping your improvements moving.

Now once you do your ten to 15 reps with this arm, move to the other arm, obviously set up safely. Make sure everything is well-balanced.

And that's a Swiss ball preacher curl.

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