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Swiss Ball One-Arm Concentration Curl for an Arm Workout

Learn how to do a one-arm concentration curl using a Swiss ball from personal trainer Brett Azar in this Howcast home arm workout for men video.


OK. I'm going to go over with you how to do single arm concentration curls
on the stability ball. Now, normally you'd be doing these on a bench or
standing up bent over. Because you're on the stability ball it puts your
core into the factor of the exercise.

Now, as you're working your core during this exercise, you're going to be
burning more calories. More beneficial for fat loss. Again, it's a
concentration curl. The focus is on your bicep.

To start out, feet firmly planted. Butt firmly planted. Make sure you're
stable. This ball wants to make you unstable so to fight it, that's where
your core comes in.

Now, as a concentration curl, very basic concentration curl, your elbow is
supported by your leg. You're never going to walk your elbow out. You're
always going to keep a slight bend at the flexi joint. Your wrist is going
to stay up. Your palm is going to stay up towards the ceiling, supinated.

As you come up with the dumbbell you're going to try rotate your pinky just
a little bit above your thumb and that will really peak out the bicep. Now
the peak what I'm talking about is that bump that most guys try to achieve
in their arms.

To perform this you want to make sure that your core is very stable. Your
elbow is firmly planted into your thigh, well-supported.

Come up controlled. Again, that slight twist bringing your thumb down. See
that twist right there? That will really peak out that bicep. Come down
controlled. Coming down controlled is just as important if not more
important than coming up controlled.

Working the negative like that, focusing on the negative is twice as
important as working on the positive. For results, you'll actually get
twice the results if you work that negative. Instead of just cheating the
(?) throwing the way up. It's garbage. Don't bother if you're going to do
it that way.

Controlled and controlled. Any time you work against gravity breathe out.
Squeeze. Twist. Down controlled.

Now, I'm cheating because I'm putting my hand here. If you really wanted to
use your core you can try this with your hand off. Because now that you're
on the stability ball you got to make sure your core is really tight during
this whole exercise. You're really burning a lot more calories than just
sitting on the bench and doing a concentration curl.

Again, your rep range you want to shoot for 10 to 15 because that's the
goal for size. If you can do more, add a little more weight. If you start
breaking form, don't add any weight.

Again, very controlled. Squeeze that muscle. Make it burn. Come down.
Torture it. That's when you get best results.

That's dumbbell concentration curls on the stability ball.

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