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How to Do a Stability Ball Dumbbell Press for an Arm Workout

Learn how to do a dumbbell press using a stability ball from personal trainer Brett Azar in this Howcast home arm workout for men video.


Alright, so I'm going to go over with you how to do a stability ball dumbbell press. Now this is much different from your average bench dumbbell press. Because you're on this ball, your stability is thrown off. You gotta use muscles that you probably haven't felt before just to do this exercise properly. Um, the focus of this is your chest, secondary, tricep. But because you're on this ball, you're going to be working your core in a whole different way. You're going to be working your legs and butt in a whole different way. Just to get in position alone is its own exercise. So what you're going to do is sit on your ball and you're going to roll your butt forward so that your back is supported and that your neck is supported. Now with this, from this position, you can have your butt sag, which is the easy way. Or you can try to make your everything straight. So right now my hamstrings are burning, my butt is feeling it. And now I'm going to add weight to it. So, you could have someone hand you your dumbbells which is a little safer. But you are going to get into position, and it's just a basic bench press from this position. Only now, when you put that weight up, you can see that my ball starts rocking. So, it's my feet, it's my core trying to keep myself stable. Now the wider you put your elbows out to your side, the more you're going to work your chest. If you want to focus on triceps, turn your wrists towards you, keep your elbows in and push through the tricep. And that'll take, put a lot more focus on your arms as opposed to just your chest. Again, now here, a lot of chest. Full range of motion all the way up. You're not going to lock out your elbow. You want to keep a slight bend at all times to protect your joint. And right now my hamstrings are burning trying to keep my butt up. It's a whole different world once you start doing stuff on a stability ball. When you work against grounding, you breathe out, inhale. I want to work my triceps a little more, keep them in, keep them close to your body, and press through the tricep. I want to work my chest, elbows out, good stretch all the way wide, stretch, squeeze. And that's how you do a stability ball bench press.

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