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What Is Water Aerobics?

Learn about water aerobics from Dancing with the Stars performer Aubree Marchione in this Howcast water workout video.


Water aerobics is a type of aerobic exercise that you do in the water. Aerobic means that you use oxygen, so you definitely will get a great workout doing water aerobics. Water aerobics is for anyone, especially senior citizens, pregnant women, people with joint or knee problems. It's great because it has no stress on the joints when you're doing it and you can get a great workout. You can start at a very beginner level and you can also work your way up to a very advanced level so you can get an okay workout, a moderate workout, and a very intense workout. Water aerobics, you can incorporate a lot of different equipment into water aerobics, to make it easier or harder on yourself and your routine. You can incorporate things such as weights, noodles, and also belts that keep you afloat in the deep end. Water aerobics is really great because it helps you tone the body while burning calories at the same time.

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