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How to Do Water Aerobics Marching

Learn how to do water aerobics water marching from Dancing with the Stars performer Aubree Marchione in this Howcast water workout video.


Water marching is great when you're beginning your workout. It's a very simple thing you can do and it's great for cardio. So what you wanna do when you water march is pick up your knees, keep your arms in the water, and just march. OK, just like if you were on land. You can take it backwards. You can take it forwards. You can take it side to side. OK? If you want in my classes I do a lot of dancing so sometimes I add in a little hip action like Merengue, swivels, pick up your knees, and side Merengue steps. So it makes it a little more fun and you can jam out to some music while you're water marching. So when you're water marching make sure you pick up your knees and if you want you can add a little flair. Hips, knees, and arms. Remember those three. And that is water marching. It's really great for cardio, and it's very easy.

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