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How to Do the Water Aerobics Charleston

Learn how to do the water aerobics Charleston from Dancing with the Stars performer Aubree Marchione in this Howcast water workout video.


The Charleston is a very fun move that you can do in water aerobics. You can also add in pointing and flexing your feet when you do the Charleston to give it a little bit of a harder workout. The Charleston looks like this-step, kick, step, kick. So you're stepping and kicking forward and then kicking back. OK? Let your arms swing naturally. You can do this with weights or without weights. And it's nice if you have a little bit of a Charleston song to go along with this. So to add the point and flex feet, what you want to do is you can point your toe when you kick out. Step and flex your foot when you kick it back. So it's step, point your toe, step, flex your feet. Now when you do this you can also point on the way back and you can switch your leg. OK, so you can step and you can flex your feet when you go forward. Step and point your foot when you go back. So you have a lot of different options with the Charleston but the most important part is to have fun. So keep going. It's a good cardio workout. And that is the Charleston.

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