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How to Jog in a Pool with a Noodle, Weights & Belt

Learn how to jog in a pool with a noodle, weights, and a belt from Dancing with the Stars' Aubree Marchione in this Howcast water workout video.


Many people walk, jog, and run outside of the pool. You can do this inside of a pool too. Water jogging is an intermediate way to work out in the pool. It's a great cardiovascular activity. You can jog with a noodle by pushing it back and forth.

Normally you would do this in the shallow end. This is a good warm-up if you want to burn a little extra calories. You can do this for about two to three minutes for a warm-up. If you want to burn more calories, I would do it for about five minutes. You can pick up the pace a little bit. The way you use the weights is you would just pump them back and forth. It's a little bit harder. It gives a good workout for your arms. Also, you can use the belt. When you use the belt, it just goes around you. It hooks in. You want to make sure that the belt is tight enough so when you start going in the deep end it doesn't float all the way up here. You want to keep it around your waist.

That's a belt, and it's great to keep you afloat in the deep end. That's water jogging. You can use the noodle, the weights, or the belt, and get a really great intermediate workout. I would do it for about two to three minutes.

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