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How to Do Water Aerobics Punching

Learn how to do water aerobics punching from Dancing with the Stars performer Aubree Marchione in this Howcast water workout video.


Water punching is a great work out for your arms and your shoulders . You can do with weight or without weight, make sure that you have the correct weight, there's a bunch of different weight when it comes to water weights for water so make sure you have the one that's not too hard for you . OK , when you punch, you can punch forward and this works more of your bisects and your shoulders , OK , you can also punch while your jogging , OK, another way to punch to the corner, to the corner ok and this is working a little bit of your back , your chest and your bisects , triceps , shoulders, OK, this is water punching and I would do this, this is pretty easy if you do without weight so I would do it for 5 minutes and I would probably switch it off with another exercise so it combines some moves and add water punching and maybe kicking , OK, in, so you can combine the moves, make it a little bit harder . Make sure that you don't snap out to straight OK, because you don't wanna hurt your joints, you wanna just be gentle. All right, so that's water punching, it's great for toned arms and the shoulders.

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