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How to Do a Senior Citizen Water Aerobics Workout

Learn how to do water aerobics exercises for senior citizens from Dancing with the Stars' Aubree Marchione in this Howcast water workout video.


Water aerobics is a great form of exercise for senior citizens because there's no stress on the joints when you're in the water.

So, it offers a really good workout cardiovascularly and toning wise while not hurting your body in any way. Okay?

So, when you're doing exercises for senior citizens you can do stuff that's very simple like water marching. Okay? You can do stuff that tones the arms here, here. Okay?

You can do a breast stroke. Swim. Or you can also use the weights if you're up to using the weights. Okay. And that offers a really good workout too.

There's a lot of exercises that you can do using the noodle. You can do an exercise called the Bicycle with the noodle. You can do leg lifts using the noodle to the side. Okay?

And to pump it up a little bit more you can also use a weight belt. Okay. This will keep you afloat in the water while doing all of your exercises.

A common exercise that I do in my senior citizen classes is the pushup. Okay? It's not like a pushup on land. It is but it's a lot easier.

So, what you do is you get to the side of the wall. You want to put your hands a little bit more than shoulder width apart. And you're going to lean in and push out. Lean in and push out. So, that is the water pushout and it's really great for strengthening your entire upper body.

So, water aerobics is a great exercise for senior citizens. Especially people with arthritis.

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