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How to Do a Water Aerobics Front Leg Lift

Learn how to do a water aerobics front leg lift from Dancing with the Stars performer Aubree Marchione in this Howcast water workout video.


A front leg lift is used in water aerobics to tone the leg. You can do it without a noodle or with a noodle. What you do if you are doing it without a noodle, is you just lift your leg to the front. So, you're going to lift. This is a good senior citizen exercise too. So, you just lift to the front and it's toning all the different parts of your leg. You can point your toe and you'll feel it a little more in your quad. So, that's the front leg lift. If you want to do it with a noodle, it's a little hard for me to show you up here, but you would put it behind your foot and you would do the same exact thing in the water. So, you want to actually keep it in front of you on the bottom of your leg. Front leg lifts are really good exercise to tone your legs. You can use them with a noodle or without a noodle, and I would do 12 reps for one leg and switch, and do 12 for the other leg. You can also combine them and do them super setting with back leg lifts or side leg lifts. A great exercise for the water.

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