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How to Do a Water Aerobics Deep Water Workout

Learn how to do a water aerobics deep water workout from Dancing with the Stars performer Aubree Marchione in this Howcast water workout video.


There are many deep water exercises you can do in water aerobics. You can
use the weights, noodles, kickboards, weight belts for any of these
exercises. I'm going to show you a couple.

If you're not used to being in deep water I recommend that you wear a
flotation belt. It just makes it a little bit easier if you have it on even
if you are used to swimming in deep water.

The first exercise I'm going to show you is with weights. We can do regular
jumping jacks with the weights. OK. In deep water it's going to feel a
little bit different. It's going to feel fun. It's going to be a little bit
harder. Deep water exercises are harder than in the shallow end. This is
one of the exercises.

Another thing that you can do for cardio and deep water is the ski machine.
Cross country skiing. I would do these for about two minutes and then
switch it up.

You can also do toe touches and heel touches in deep water. It's a little
bit harder than in shallow water because you have to keep your balance.

Another thing that you can do using the noodle in deep water is balance
exercises. This is really hard if you're not used to keeping your balance.
What you want to do is stand on the noodle shoulder width apart. OK. You
would just stomp up and down. This is one exercise you can do. It's really
great for your balance and your core.

Another thing that you can do with the noodle is the twist. You would stand
on the noodle shoulder width apart and you would just twist. Let your upper
body go whichever way feels natural. Don't try to move. Move from the waist
down and just twist. OK

Another thing that we can do for deep water exercises is ab. We have one
called the frog kicks. You're here. You big kick out. Bring your feet in.
Pull it in. Kick out. Pull it in. Kick out. Pull it in. Usually you do this
with the noodle behind your arms.

Another thing that we can do in deep water is a move that is done along the
wall. This is really great for your abs, your legs and your arms. A total
body workout. You need one weight. OK. I'm going to show you on this chair.
You're floating right now. You would press your hand in. Kick your feet to
the wall. In and out and out. OK. That's one of the other ones you can do.

You can also stand on the weight and pulse your feet up and down for a good
ab exercise.

Those are the few more popular moves that you can do in deep water. They
give you a full body workout, and they're very great for cardio.

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