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How to Tread Water in Water Aerobics

Learn how to tread water in water aerobics from Dancing with the Stars performer Aubree Marchione in this Howcast water workout video.


Treading water is something that you should really learn if you are going to be in the deep end of the pool. It can save your life. What you wanna do to practice treading water is put your fingers together. This is called sculling. You're going to press your fingers and your hands back and forth. And you can do this in the shallow end of the pool before you go into the deep water. The second step of treading water is your legs and your feet. You want to flutter kick your feet and the way you do this, I have to sit down for this one, but you're here and you're gonna kick and scull your hands at the same time and that will keep your head above the water. Treading water is also used as an exercise in the deep water. Usually everyone wears a belt but you can do it without a belt. What you wanna do is tread and kick your legs as fast as you can for about a minute then you can rest, do it again for a minute, rest. And I would do it about three times. This exercise is really good because it gets your heart rate going, it's really good for your cardiovascular health and it burns a lot of calories. So treading water is definitely a great thing to learn.

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