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How to Use a Noodle Float for Water Aerobics

Learn how to use a noodle float for water aerobics from Dancing with the Stars performer Aubree Marchione in this Howcast water workout video.


Using a noodle float in water aerobics is a fun way to make your workouts more interesting. You can use a noodle float when you're doing cross country skiing. It would be half way out of the water. You can push it back and forth. This is a common thing to do if you don't want to use weights.

Another thing you can use the noodle float for is some of your cardio routines. You can put it between your legs and bicycle the length of the pool and back. That's a good way to get cardio and use the whole length of the pool.

You can also use the noodle float to do ab exercises. So if you're floating in the water use the noodle. You can do bicycle kicks here. You can do frog kicks. And the noodle will keep you afloat.

Another way you can use the noodle float is for balance exercises. So you would actually go into the deep end of the pool, stand on the noodle, and you can do a bunch of different exercises from here. This is a little tricky. It's hard to say balanced standing on the noodle. All right. You can do the twist with that. You can do stomps, or you can actually lift both of your legs up and reach towards the noodle. So there's a couple different ways you can use the noodle float.

And it's also great to have in the shallow end or when you're half way down the pool just for balance. If you're doing a twist or if you're doing jogging and you want to use the noodle, that's another great way to use it. So it's definitely a good thing to have when you're doing water aerobics.

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