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How to Do Water Aerobics Flutter Kicking

Learn how to do water aerobics flutter kicking from Dancing with the Stars performer Aubree Marchione in this Howcast water workout video.


Flutter kicking is really important to learn when you're doing water aerobics. You can use a kick board to do flutter kicks. What you want to do is lay on the kick board. Get your feet far up behind you and kick. So, if I was doing this in the water, it would look like this. Okay? Another thing that you can do is you can just hold on to the side of the wall if you don't have a kick board and just kick your feet behind you. You can also do flutter kicks as a really intense interval workout using a belt in the deep end. So, you would put a belt on. You would go in the deep end and you would keep your feet down and kick your feet as fast as you can, using your arms as fast as you can treading water. And you want to try and get your head as high out of the water as you can. Okay? You want to do this as fast as you can for about a minute, a minute and a half. Take a rest and do it again. I would do it for about three or four sets. And this is really good for your cardiovascular health. It gets your heart rate pumping and you will definitely feel out of breath after doing flutter kicks this way. You want to make sure that you can breathe good, but you shouldn't really be able to have a full conversation. So, if you can talk good after doing these, you're not doing them hard enough. Okay? So, that's how you flutter kick. You can do it all different ways and it's great for cardio health in the water.

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